Ahh, He’s SO Damn Charming!


Today I sent The Collector a text that said “Have I ever told you that you are incredibly charming? Sometimes you’re so sweet, you surprise me.”


His reply “lol. Now you’re making me feel all bashful. Thank you. You deserve it… always”


It’s amazing that he can make me feel so good after a phone call saying he was going to forgo this opportunity to see me. He’s fantastically charming. I’ve never made any bones about that. He’s great when I hear from him.


He called this morning to tell me he’s got to get into hobbit mode to study for his engineering exam. This test is the culmination of a process he started 15 years ago. It’s a pivotal event in his career. It won’t be his only chance… If he doesn’t pass, he’ll have the opportunity to take it again, but then he has to go through another 16 hours of testing AGAIN.


I get it. I totally get it, and I thought he might feel that way so yesterday I sent him an out. I sent a text that said “you still up for company tomorrow night?” He took his out and yet made me feel so good. From our conversation this morning, I got the impression that he is starting to see that I am different. With all the people in his life still pressuring him to be social, not me. No pressure. I get it.


He was so sweet, as I was trying to explain what I had been planning he said “if it’s more convenient for you to stay at my place you’re welcome here” and “you’ll always have a place to stay here in my town.” I declined but absorbed his sweetness.


I then told him I’d be bringing the kids to his town to go to an art walk where artists would be making amazing sidewalk drawings. I’m sure my kids will love it plus it will be an inexpensive day… the biggest expense will be the gas.


He got SO excited. He suggested we stop by there to see him, and the kids could pick pears at the Higginbotham. I tried to explain that I was just sharing my plans with him. I wasn’t fishing for an invitation. He seemed genuinely pained at the thought that I would be in town and I wouldn’t see him.


I later realized this is the second time he’s asked to meet my kids. He also suggested I bring them when we were camping on labor day weekend. I didn’t have them that weekend so that was an easy decision.


I’m slightly mystified by this. He is adamant that we are not in a relationship and he’s not ready for something like that… which is fine, so why does he want to meet them? I think that because he’s not a parent, he doesn’t understand that’s a big thing. I know how my heart reacts when a man is really good with my kids, and thus far I have been keeping my heart protected with him. I’m just now getting to a place where I am feeling more OK with the situation and not terrified of getting hurt.


I haven’t decided yet if I’ll stop by his place. Right now my plan is to take the kiddos straight up to the art walk, possibly meet a couple girlfriends, and text him some pics of the chalk drawings. We’ll see where it goes from there. If I end up driving up with a girlfriend, that will make the decision for me.


I think this thing could use some resistance. So far, it’s been a matter of me giving him an idea when I’ll be available. He asks, and I go. He asked me to stay the night (sex implied) and I did.   I did bail on him once or twice, but I think this attraction needs some resistance. Me resisting him in one way or another… something to strengthen our attraction.


Today I had a little glimpse of what this could possibly be with him.   Maybe it will become something based on a very open friendship. We shall see.

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  1. His behavior definitely stood out as beta to me here. While he is genuinely interested in hanging out with you and the kid, he might be borderline pushing it.

    • There are times when I know he is certainly NOT a beta, but other times he seems soft and squishy.. Too nice to be an alpha– & I kinda like it that way 😉

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