Coffee With The Provocative Psych Student

It was friday morning and I found myself running around driving the kids to school late and having to drop their lunches off later because I didn’t have time to make them and I had run out of peanut butter and crackers or chips.

So, I rushed rushed rushed and eventually pulled up to the coffee shop right on time. The Psych Student had driven 45 minutes to my neck of the woods. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked through the doors. He only had a few pictures on his profile and they were with a hat, shaved head, and then full beard and head of hair.

As I stepped in to the chic little coffee shop, I knew who he was right away. He was wearing the same hat as in the pic on his profile and his face was familiar. I was feeling energized and stopped at his table with a huge grin and a resounding “hi!” He had been reading the paper and was slow to transition from that to being social. He was so slow, in fact, that I started looking around the coffee shop thinking I may have mistaken someone else for my date.

Then he smiled. When he smiled I noticed the gap in his upper front teeth, which made me grin. I have one too.

For some reason, it was blazing hot inside my favorite little coffee shack that day so I grabbed my cup of coffee and we took off for the park. We jumped into my Charger and drove on over to the park I spend an hour, five days a week working out at. As we hopped out of the car, I opened the glove box and grabbed the remainder of a loaf of bread I had brought with. The Psych Student looked at me kinda funny and joked “what are you bringing along a little snack?” I laughed. “No, it’s for feeding the geese. Although, they can be quite aggressive so look out!”

The park isn’t in the greatest shape these days. It’s been a dry summer and the reservoir is very very low. We walked up to the water’s edge and he said “hey thanks for bringing me out to the mud puddle.”

I laughed and started tossing bread toward the ducks that were milling around. The last time I fed the geese I found myself standing on top of a picnic table, because they were so incredibly aggressive.

It took about 30 seconds and the geese spotted the bread and started racing in our direction. I hadn’t realized but these are some enormous geese. I’m a tiny little thing under five foot tall, and the geeze were probably chest level, and pushy… as I remembered.

I eventually found myself backing up and tossing entire slices of bread away from us so I could escape. It seemed as though The Psych Student didn’t know what to think. He wasn’t laughing much at all. Eventually we found a place to sit and chat. He talked about growing up in Detroit and his wanderlust that seemed to have been cured about 10 years ago. He talked about adventures and work… and mostly how he ended up out here.

We chatted some about the city where I grew up and where my enormous and very close family still lives. He sees it as a cursed city. Every time he’s ended up in that city, it has turned to disaster. This isn’t a good sign for me in terms of any furuture relationship. That’s the place I call home. It’s where all my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents live. It’s a place i’d like to get back to one day and try to visit at least once a year. I”m skeptical of anyone that has zero desire to ever go there again.

We continued to talk about everything under the sun. We walked the path around the lake, and I started to feel him getting closer and stepping into my personal space bubble. That was a good sign. We then climbed in to the car so we could chat with air conditioning. I drove around town at random.

We eventually ended up back where we started, at the Chic little coffee shack… in the parking lot. He told me about the old car he drives.

See, I have NO problem with an old car. Vehicles are not a good investment, and do nothing but drop drastically in value. I have a fairly new car but it’s for dependability sake. So, he drives an old car that Grandma Phyllis gave him. Phyllis was actually one of his buddies grandmother but he stepped up and helped her out whenever he could. Eventually Grandma Phyllis started talking to The Psych Student about selling him the car. They discussed a price and he showed up one day with $2500. When he got there Grandma Phyllis had already done all the paperwork to gift him the vehicle. He told me he’d drive it until it completely died. I said when that happens he should take something out of it, like one of the seats and put it in his house…. and when someone asks about it to just say “oh, that’s Grandma Phyllis.”

The only awkward really was feeling like I should have planned some kind of activity. We ended up having several hours in our schedules and we wanted to hang out together but this stupid little small town has next to nothing to offer in the way of recreation, especially on a Friday morning at 10am.

Still, things went very well. We chatted abou that and we agreed. As he got ready to get going and climb out of the car, I hugged him and smiled. As walked toward his old car, I popped out of the Charger to make sure he knew how to get back to the freeway… He walked over to where I was standing and stood very close to me as I talked. He was obviously inside my personal space bubble at this point, and it felt pretty damn good. We gave another squeeze and he was on his way.

Although I felt things had gone extremely well, you neverreally know what the other person is thinking until they get a little time to process. He texted me as soon as he got back to his town, asking when he could have me all to himself again. We started making plans for the following week.

We are both busy people, and I don’t know how similar we are exactly but I am happy to get to know another intruiging person.

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  1. This is tremendous. Hopefully this feeling keeps up for you.

  2. Ha! Well, keep reading & u’ll find out.

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