Girls in Their 20s Piss Me Off

Maybe I’m just getting bitter in my advanced 30 some years. I just saw a preview for the movie “Next” with Nicholas Cage and Jessica Biel and all I could think was –just another action flick with a dude paired up with a woman half his age. This one pissed me off even more though, because it also has Julianne Moore in it– who is probably actually in Nick Cage’s age group! Plus, She’s a total bad ass in this movie, yet… It’s Jessica Beil half-dressed and in his bed. Whatever…

See, the biggest problem with this hollywood bs is that men in our society actually buy into it. I can’t tell you how many guys I know that have had their hiatus with the 20 somethings. Usually guys in their 30s… anywhere from 31-38 or so. They eventually figure it out… that somehow, it’s just not working out with these super young girls. For some reason they don’t feel connected, and the girls do ridiculous things that don’t make any sense.. oh, and also, don’t seem to have any ability to stroke their fragile male egos. Could it be because they have like NO life experience?

It seems that with positive self-esteem, the guys I know feel like they SHOULD be dating these girls… as if it’s some prize. UNTIL they get in it, and become mystified.

Captain Amazing has gone through it. Ended up with a screwed up tattoo matching little Miss 21 year old’s. The Ramblin’ Man almost married one. Yikes.. dodged a bullet there. The Ambassador of Ambiguity is in it now.

You see, I think on the surface, it looks like everything they want. I don’t just mean looks, but also…. Most 20 something girls are a clean slate. No kids, never married and moldable. They aren’t all strong and opinionated like women their own age. The problem is… men love a challenge. They love to be challenged mentally, and physically. Plus, not only did we gain all these opinions and all this strength.. but also we learned. We learned what we want, and what we like. We learned how men think and how to stroke those egos.

SO, I’ve spit my opinion out on to the page, but it’s not like it will make any difference. You know, they’ve got to learn it for themselves.

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  1. Ok you know what I agree WHILE I AM A HUGE JESSICA BEIL “ADMIRER” LOl I know what you mean I think she is hot but to me a woman who has had more experience and has lived through something in life is SUCH a better partner. I look for a woman not willing to show me everything anyway. I can only ask that women sometimes also realize that all men are not 12 pack abs and 22 inch biceps who work out every waking moment they are not looking for the 20 years olds you despise LOL . Man I decided to read this because of the comment you left me…. Where are all the women like you in the world LOL

    • I agree about a partner who has lived through something. I truly believe it gives a person a sense of acceptance, and understand.

      I guess the feeling that the other sex is only looking for the perfect physical specimen– goes both ways. However, I will say it’s definately not true. I know plenty of guys who work out every waking moment and sport thier 12 pack abs… and I promise you, they aren’t “all that”.

  2. Ok well I guess there are soem women in the world left that arent like most men “looking for the eye candy” I just know there are more of us middle aged guys with a little bit more mid section than we would like to have and a few more gray hairs than we like, but that there or some guys who fall in that category that get little to no attention because they dont fit the “typical” look people want. So its all based on the individual perspective I guess. I am happy where I am and I know I am a strong individual who is dedicated to a relationship but I can only speak for me LOL

  3. Hm… Interesting post.
    Personally, given the choice between someone who is lithe and essentially a blank slate or someone who can savor the nuances of the perfectly prepared pork chop and can tell you funny stories of “this one time back in ’93…” I will choose the latter hands down. It’s just like you pointed out – there are NO life experiences to ponder/reflect upon. Yes, it DOES appeal to the ego of most men – “Lookit what I conquered…”, but then the same strumpet burns water trying to make coffee… well…guess your blank slate just got marred by the Sharpie of ignorance.
    There are all sorts of ways that I could digress upon this, but it boils down to ideals versus reality. Some people have a hard time with the latter. Good for them, since it takes them out of the competition for the truly good ones.

    • Yes, I think what it comes down to is substance. That’s what really matters. I think ultimayely men really do want a woman of style and substance but sometimes they don’t realize right away that the substance part comes with time & life experience.

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