The Very Provocative Psych Student

So, my Plenty of Freaks profile is active again. I tend to put it up, get overwhelmed, then take it down, then start again. This time, I have managed to dole out my phone number x3 and not get overwhelmed. One particular guy is The Very Provocative Psych Student who has ended up in my area by way of a working class Detroit upbringing.

The Provocative Psych Student and I have been texting for maybe a couple weeks. We talked on the phone once, where I learned that his family has a strong military history and he wants to focus his career after he finishes school counseling veterans. So, even though he himself didn’t serve (not for lack of trying but an injury) he wants to serve our veterans. I was quite impressed. He’s currently working his ass off with three part time gigs, college, and Daddy duty with his little guy. He held my interest in a number of different way… provocative.

He seems to have a personality that is masculine enough to remind me that I’m the girl in the situation, but not like some rough insensitive Alpha male. At least that’s how it seems right now. I remember thinking The Collector might be a Beta, until I got to know him. He’s not Beta at all… not even a little.

We had a pretty good conversation, but what really made me want to write about him was our text message conversation today. He asked if we could get together this coming week. I have Mommy duty this coming week which leaves me with wierd pockets of time to myself. Still, I said yes and told him what my week looked like. I was expecting the standard “well, maybe the next week when you have more time” or whatever. Apparently guys hate to feel like you are squeezing them in. Funny, since I’m only going to squeeze someone in if I feel like he’s worth it and I don’t want to wait to see him. Those all seem like positive things to me… lol.

He did not respond the way I expected though. Here’s how it went down…

Psych Student: Name the day you’d prefer & I can adjust my daytime work schedule. location preference on ur part m’dear?

Me: Well… Obviously I prefer not to make the drive. hehehe. and I prefer fri

Psych Student: Well i couldve guessed that on both fronts. I would prefer earlier so I don’t get outta wrk @ midnite

Me: ok.. I drop kiddos by 830

Psych Student: does 930ish sound cool?

Ya baby, that’s how it should be! He didn’t ask me to come to him, despite the 45 minute drive. He was sweet and flexible and made me feel like I was worth whatever effort it was going to take. He respected my time and let me decide when. It was fantastic! KUDOS! and then….

Psych Student: Never had a early morning date before. I’ll take it as a good sign. daydates usually mean disaster for others.

Me: What? Disaster … Why? I’v got to hear this.

Psych Student: Daydates are usually reserved for folks ur not all that into.

Me: Ohhh, I was not aware. I hadn’t heard that but I live in a world where 12 hour shifts and graves and all kinds of crazy stuff. For me, it just means you get extra points for workin with my crazy schedule.

Me: **double** extra points πŸ˜‰

Psych Student: Mines nuts as well. u get triple points for working w mine too.

Me: Who makes these rules anyway? πŸ˜›

Psych Student: Dorks w 9-5pm uninteresting existences. not the creative or alive i can assure u.

Me: Fantastic answer!!

He has been so charming and flexible and great. I hope he’s as impressive in person. I have learned by experience that you never can tell until you meet them in person. He may have a totally different vibe. He might have mega screwed up teeth that you can’t stop staring at, or a gigantic turkey waddle that he somehow managed to hide in all his photos. This particular guy could be totally bald with the old man ring of hair around his head. He was wearing a hat in his profile photo, so who knows?

So far though… I enjoy his company quite a bit. No expectations. No hopes of it become something are knotted up in my stomach. Not playing the “what if” game and making plans in case it goes really well. None of that. I’m just going to meet him, smile like crazy, and be my charming sassy little self.

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  1. Found your blog from a post on another blog I frequent. Definitely enjoy a perspective from the other sex.

    • Ahh, well thank you very much Blaze. I’ll have to head over to your blog and see what you are up to. πŸ˜‰

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