Vexed by The Male Half of The Species

The Collector sent me over the edge today. I swear to God if I see him “friend” one more single girl on facebook I’m going to unfriend his ass. This is ridiculous! Ramblin’ Man, your moniker has OFFICIALLY changed. I mean who does that? It’s like every where he goes he picks one up! I’ve had it. Look, I understand that you don’t want a committment right now, blah blah blah.. I know you’re seeing other girls, but do I have to have it -in my face?!!

I’d like to at least ignore his posts. If I don’t interact with him, then he gets kicked off my news feed. I can’t stop him from posting comments on my pics though. I feel like screaming!

I am now convinced that the NY Musician is in love with this idea in his head. Plus, he REALLY pissed me off the other day. He made a remark to me that came off as SO hypocritical, judgemental and rude. I had a fit. He was attempting to apologize but was instead just making things worse.

I finally got over that, when I find out that I had agreed to work a shift that overlaps with his trip to see me. He got so frickin’ selfish and inflexible when he heard that. What a dick!!!  SO, now I am absolutely sure that we are NOT a match… yet he already bought his bus ticket for next weekend and spent half his dang pay check doing that. So, what the hell am I supposed to do? I really think it will only make things worse if I let him come up here. Plus, what the fuck am I supposed to do about work? I’m working graves right now, so I could work it out but noooo. He’s having a tantrum.

Plus, he keeps saying things like “I wanted to sleep next to you” which is making me uncomfortable.

The Stalkerish Ex-boyfriend has now moved on to posting personal things about other people on his FB. That doesn’t bother me but I am still pissed he did that to me and then lied about it and tried to make me believe it was his software so I do NOT want to talk to him.

Seems like every single man in my life is just pissing me off today.  I swear men just make my life miserable. I don’t know why I bother?  —I just can’t resist.  I’m feeling super jaded today… but I know it will pass…  eventually.

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  1. My first time here. Nice blog and super post. Well done.

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