Alpha Male or Beta Male? What Will It Be?

I have been thinking a lot about Alpha Males vs. Beta Males. Which is a better match for me? Are alpha males always a-holes?

I see Alpha Males as quite aggressive strong personalities. They are the action heroes, the strong leaders and the self-made men. They can also be angry controlling people.

I think of beta males as, sort of, supporting actors, leading men, nice guys. They are more soft-hearted and understanding. They seem to enjoy a “live and let live” type life.

Which one is a better fit for me? I’ve certainly been in more relationships with Alpha males. At least 3 of my 5 significant relationships was with an Alpha male. I’m sure I’m attracted to that type of man for a reason. Captain Amazing might say it’s my Daddy issues since I had an unsupportive completely absent alcoholic dad.

I must say, however, the two Beta Males I fell in love with made me SO incredibly happy. They were my most satisfying and happy relationships. The interactions were better. They beta males were more loving and respectful…. They had their problems too though. One wasn’t pulling his weight financially. It wasn’t that he couldn’t hold down a job. He was just lazy. The other was a beta male who had a serious drinking problem and was a shameless flirt which drove me crazy.

The Alpha males have all been go-getters. They were successful ambitious men. In fact, I’m glad the man I had a family with was this type of man. He is consistent with his child support and I know his career is stable. However, the alphas also tend to be very hard to get close to. They are more abrupt, closed off and sometimes controlling.

I am trying very hard not to judge all alphas and all betas by the men I have known before. That’s not fair. All the Alpha males I’ve ever been in a relationship with have been total assholes… but The Ramblin’ Man’s not an asshole and he says he’s an Alpha male.

I go back and forth between thinking “if I could find an ambitious beta male I’d have it made” and thinking “if all Alpha males aren’t a-holes then that could be the ticket!”

I can’t decide… and besides it’s all subjective… just random thoughts that have been jumpin’ around in my head.

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