Three Strikes and You’re Out; utter disappointment in The Ambassador of Ambiguity

I have a three strikes and you’re out rule. If I try to contact you three times and you don’t respond, you’re out. If we have to have “a talk” about something… you get three strikes and you’re out.

The Ambassador of Ambiguity hit his limit this week. When he started dating The Sneaky Bitch.. he disappeared. Crazy since, I was dating other people too, but he was just too damn scared to talk to me about it. Ok, I’m an accepting person and I looked at the situation and wrote him a heartfelt email. He reappeared.

THEN, he offered to help me get a couple of giant piles of brush over to the dump. We made plans, and he was going to go garage sailing with his girl. That’s cool, the dump doesn’t close ‘til 4. but then, he just didn’t show up.

Once again we talk, and make plans to go hiking on Thursday. He was going to talk to the non-girlfriend (or whatever she is) about it and call me back. He doesn’t call. Thursday comes and goes, with not a word from him. Strike three.

And now this… despite Captain Amazing’s warnings that Facebook kills relationships, I had let The Ambassador on to mine. Well, today I wake up to find his status having popped up on my news feed. It started “Slow dance in the shower with a beautiful body…” and went on to say why it was such a fabulous day no one could ruin it.

Really? Was that really necessary? What a very intimate thing to post on your Facebook and how completely inconsiderate. If he had thought about it for even a half a second, he’d have realized that one would sting.

So, is he just a selfish inconsiderate jerk, or did he do that on purpose?

I found it SO disrespectful and inconsiderate. Although he makes me laugh like crazy and I thought he was a good person… Turns not even worth being friends with if he doesn’t even have enough respect for me to give me a call or consider that I might see his stupid in love post. Way to throw it in my face.

He very well could have done that on purpose because he didn’t want to have a slightly awkward conversation, so instead he posted something he knew would sting in the hopes that I would go away. Well mission accomplished asshole. I’m gone! (and you are DEfriended)

Why would you burn bridges like that? I don’t get it. Maybe that’s the hippie chic in me… to respect others. To know that just because I’m dating someone else or don’t want to date him… that doesn’t make him a bad person and I certainly don’t want to hurt him.

I came upon an article in Glamour magazine today. It was “My Dos & Don’ts” by Olivia Munn of The Daily Show. Her last don’t was “Don’t lie about your age”… and I thought, I am 34 years old. I have a fabulous career, a home, a family. I write my own blog. I’m working on a book. I’m beautiful, engaging, and fit. I don’t have time for this bullshit. I don’t have time for all this “We’re dating. We’re not dating. We’re just seeing each other” blah blah stupid shit.

Until I find a man, who’s going to act like a man and step up…. Someone who’s not terrified to get hurt. Somebody who has enough cojones to tell it like it is, and not lie to himself or push others away with ridiculous passive aggressive behavior— until that time, I’m just going to keep doing my thing. Don’t expect me to interrupt my flow for your bs, cuz it’s not gonna happen.

Damn… what a sassy bitch!

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