What a Girl Wants…..

The Ambassador thinks the most frustrating thing about dating is that you don’t know what the other person wants. I happen to think it’s that the other person doesn’t really know what they want but they make statements about what they think they want and confuse the situation.

The Ambassador has said that to me a few times, and even asked me directly once, “what do you want?”. I managed to avoid answering that question, which I think increases the mystery.

Still, I do know what I want so I figure I’d put it down on paper… er, computer screen.

I want to laugh my ass off all the time.

I want to clown, be silly, and dance in the kitchen while giggling wildly and chasing each other and snapping wet towels.

I want adventure.

I want the feeling that even the most mundane activities are crazy fun.

I want to kiss and grab like we can’t get enough.

I want hot passionate sex all the time, in random places and with someone I am crazy about, and who never lets me forget he feels the same.

I want constant hott PDA.

I want to be the only one.

I want a lover and a friend who will be in my life (at least communicating) everyday.

I want to lay my head on his chest and fall asleep.

I want to be with someone I can talk to about anything.

I want someone who will notice my quirks and think they are the cutest things on Earth.

I want to be crazy in love.

I want to act like a couple of kids going out to play.

I want romance.

I want someone who pays attention and gets to know me very well.

I want someone compassionate, considerate and thoughtful.

I want a relationship in which we can work out our differences or arguments without yelling or saying things to hurt the other person.

I want to feel like the only woman in the world.

I want to know who I am going to put down as an emergency contact, without having to rack my brain.

Did I also mention that having a job and moral fiber is crucial.

I want to feel like my best self when I am with him… like I can conquer the world.

I would eventually, some day, like to get married again.

So there it is… there is the break down. Now if I can find one with a job and no addictions to booze, drugs, women or porn… that would be good.

My approach at the moment is to keep on with my life, my writing and my projects. Keep on being happy.  Keep on keepin’ on.  I intend to learn and grow so that I can retain this joy once I do meet someone and fall madly in love… And most of all, I intend to be VERY good company with whomever I’m seeing –enjoy every minute and let “it” arrive when it arrives.

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