The Pretty Woman Experience

I had been talking to Tech Sgt. Vanilla for about a week, I think. Tech Sgt., that’s a rank in the air force, right?

The Tech Sgt. is a widow and lost his wife 2 years ago. She had some unknown heart problems and died in her sleep, which makes me think he woke up beside her that dark day. He’s sweet. He’s really so sweet.

I started talking to The Tech Sgt after I read “Why Men Love Bitches” so I admit I was employing the techniques. Walking around super confident and knowing you need to make a man work for you in order to evoke the feelings of excitement… among other things.

So, I waited for him to ask, then I sort of gave instructions “7pm at this italian restaurant near my house.”

He then asked a terrific question. This one, I think, sets him apart from other men I’ve dated. He said “Is there any particular way you’d like to meet. This will be our first date, so I want it to be memorable for you.”

I thought about it for a bit and then said “Yes, let’s do a Pretty Woman thing. I’ll put on a dress and heels and wait for you at the bar. I’ll be there when you walk in.”

The Tech Sgt. drove for an hour and a half, threw completely stopped construction, and the heat, and bad cell reception. When he finally arrived, I was at the bar as promised.

I wore a teal nearly knee-length cotton dress, with my favorite heels and anklet. With my new hair cut and a whole lot of attitude, I was stunning.

He walked in looking very tall and freshly shaved. He had on a handsome black pin-striped shirt that buttoned down the front. He stepped in the door, and I turn.. legs crossed and a smile. It was definitely a moment that felt like it came right out of a movie.

The waitress led us to our table, with a curious look on her face. I know she rarely had a chance to see people on an old-fashioned, dress up, wait at the bar date.

Not only was The Tech Sgt an open the door for you kind of guy, but he even pulled out my chair. I could tell the waitress was terribly impressed.

Here’s where the date takes some what of a turn. As we talked I noticed he has a very prominent overbite, which the Duke tells me is great for dancing if you’re a white guy… Ya, but maybe not for any other reason.

We had decent conversation but I’m afraid The Tech Sgt. is just toooo vanilla for me. He’s just a simple man who has lived a simple life. Joined the Air Force at 17, then got out and worked like at grocery stores and stuff. Re-enlisted later and is now a little over half way through. Not my type at all. I am much more attracted to the world travelers, bunjee jumpers, creative people and survivors. Someone with a more outgoing, and adventurous spirit than what I saw in The Tech Sgt.

Plus, during dinner I also thought about having laughed my ass off with The Ramblin’ Man, and The Ambassador. On MORE than one occasion with each of them, I was laughing so incredibly hard that I could barely breathe and I started to tear up. The Tech Sgt just wasn’t funny at all. I don’t think he even attempted to be.

He was a complete gentleman though. He paid for dinner without batting an eye. He walked me home and even later when I told him we weren’t really a match, he still didn’t complain about all the effort he had put in. He just said he enjoyed my company.

Most times when I must have that awkward conversation with a guy he just can’t help but say something nasty. Just can’t stop themselves I guess. Well, that’s bad ju jus. Since the Tech Sgt. remained a gentleman I offered to set him up with a super cute girlfriend of mine, one who’s personality was more similar to his. I’m so excited about this matchmaking project!

The Tech Sgt. is a good man in so many ways and I would love to set him up with a woman who would make him smile… mostly because I know he’d completely pamper her and treat her like a lady.

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