Is That a Green-Eyed Monster I See?

So, I’ve been slightly irritated by The Ramblin’ Man’s lack of attention since the camping trip. I hadn’t talked to him in over a week and I had been the one to do the calling. He hit me with the “I’m busy” bullshit. “It’s not that you haven’t been on my mind” he says. Funny, I’m sure that’s exactly what it was.

I pointed out the fact that he blew off the last Facebook message I sent him… but of course I did it in a non-confrontational way. The Ramblin’ Man is a man of principles, and I’m thinking he absorbed that pretty thoroughly. I don’t know.

We chatted and he made me laugh like he always does. I did let him know I would be free a few days next weekend. He said “I’ll keep that in mind”. Great… so, if he doesn’t have anything better to do? It took him a minute but then he warmed up and started talking about riding his motorcycle down here. It’d be about time HE made the drive and took a peek into my life. I felt a little better when we got off the phone but not much. He told me about this body builder girl who had gotten his attention at the gym. Not something I am really dying to hear about but at the same time I appreciate knowing where we’re at. I definitely prefer that to the situation with The Ambassador.

So, I listen… next day I text him about the body builder girl and he says she disappeared. Hmmm, too bad. Maybe the zombies got her! so sad. (are you eating up the sarcasm here?)

Then, whammo… “Oh I totally forgot my Mom is coming in to town that weekend.” Damn it! And I know it’s true because he told me weeks ago but I couldn’t remember when exactly it was.

I was like “hey, that’s cool but I don’t have another weekend off without the kids for like 2 weeks.” He replies “We’ll plan something then. Promise.”

What’s he doing me favors now? Promise?

I just really don’t feel like this guy is into me. I think he’s a Ginger guy and I’m definitely a Mary Ann. (Gilligan’s Island reference, in case you didn’t know). More about Ginger vs. Mary Ann later… but in short.. The sexy and glamorous high maintenance but fake movie star, Ginger…. and the Beautiful low maintenance, independent sweetheart Mary Ann.

Well, beware Mr. Ramblin’ Man, I’ve converted more than one from Ginger to the Mary Ann side.

So, today I was on my Plenty of Freaks profile, and there has been this guy trying to chat me up and saying I look familiar and stuff. I’m like… I don’t know you, dude, and you look like trouble. (hott trouble, but still)  I was replying to his messages but kinda feelin’ out the situation.

Next thing, out of no where he pops up with “Wait, is your name Blue?” I’m like “how the hell did you know that?”

Then my phone blings with a message from The Ramblin’ Man. “You cheatin’ on me?”

Turns out Trouble was sitting right beside The Ramblin’ Man. The Ramblin’ Man called me up and let me know I was “busted”. Which is kind of a joke because he’s totally seeing lots of other girls. He did say, “just don’t date my friends”. I agreed.

We had a good chat, and I could feel a little jealousy there. Funny, in Dr. Phil’s “Love Smart” it talks about how another man, especially one of his buddies showing interest in you can affect a man– and he’s right. Something changed. The Ramblin’ man was a little puffed up, a bit worried and making a little more effort. Well, wasn’t that fortuitous? I LOVED it!

Can’t wait to see what happens. Now Trouble messaged me a couple more times. I told him he’s off-limits, and he said “well, at least may be I made a friend.”

That statement is making me squint and turn my head to the side with suspicion. Yaaaa, that guy has nothing but naughty in mind. I know he’s trouble, but I wonder if I should maybe continue to message him (innocently) to keep a little fire under The Ramblin’ Man’s feet. Hmmm, I haven’t decided yet.

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