“You Deserve a F@*%ing Phone Call” –Quote from the book He’s Just Not That Into You

Today I doled out a last chance to The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man and The Ambassador of Ambiguity. Of course, I didn’t tell them that.

It’s been over a week since I talked to The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man, and when that happened I was the one that called him. (sorry, a three word facebook message doesn’t count) We have gone longer than this without speaking before but not since we met in person and had sexy time a few times. Funny, when we first were emailing he swore he wasn’t the type of guy to just STOP talking to me. In fact, he said he would NEVER stop talking to me unless I asked him to or I was hella rude or something.

Yeah, so I’m not sure what’s happening at the moment then. I did finally break down and call him tonight. It was 9:30pm, and from what I can tell, The Ramblin’ Man is a creature of habit. He has a pretty firm bedtime of 10pm and yet he didn’t pick up and hasn’t called back. I’m certain I simply haven’t been on his mind, and he’s started seeing someone else fairly regularly. No big surprise, we knew these were just play dates but could you let a girl know??

I love how the authors of “He’s Just Not That Into You” say a guy would rather get stomped on by an elephant on fire than tell you he’s not that into you. Clever remark. The fact that it’s true makes me want to scratch someone’s eyes out. Seriously, I’ve got my big girl panties on today guys, I can handle it.

Anyway, I left The Ramblin’ Man a breezy message asking him to call me when he gets a chance.

Then I called The Ambassador of Ambiguity. Also a creature of habit, and I have noticed several of my messages going unaswered lately which isn’t like him. So I called and got his answering machine. I was actually very sweet to his answering machine, so maybe he’ll call me back, maybe he won’t.

Sometimes I wonder about these books I read. He’s Just Not That In To You says if you don’t know where a situation is going it’s ok to pull over and ask… and yet…….. Sometimes dealing with men and dating is like dealing with a hungry tiger from inside it’s cage. NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS or you’ll get eaten alive!

I’d love to be the cool girl and say “ahhh, it doesn’t matter” but the sucky brutal truth is that my heart is achy and feels kinda beat up. I’m sad that neither of these situations seems to be working out. Both men are fantastic people, gorgeous yummy lookin’ guys and shining stars in a world of followers and mopes. They can tell really tell a great story. They have both lived fascinating lives, and they can both really make me laugh.

I mean, what the hell happened? Is it a two month curse, or did they both manage to find my naughty, honest, gritty, sassy as hell too much information anony blog? They both have enough information that they could search and find it if they wanted to. Especially The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man because I told him his moniker, but he promised he wouldn’t. hmmmmm.

Even if they did I would never give it up. It’s part of who I am. It’s my way of releasing my innermost thoughts to the world…. but I would be pissed at The Ramblin’ Man for breaking his promise not to search it and at The Ambassador because he said many times “I’d never judge you because of your blog.” Now I’ve gone and possibly created a dating Super Nova and will probably even lose them as friends.

I’m disappointed that even though The Ambassador of Ambiguity says he wants a relationship where you can talk about even awkward uncomfortable things… “The talk” seems to have wigged him out. What does he think I’m going to lose it on him and stab him out of the blue if he tells me how he really feels? Come on!

I’ve just gone back to my own pursuits… writing my blog, hangin’ with my kids, and workin’ on my house. I also re-posted my Plenty of Freaks profile. I was really bummed to have to do but getting flooded with “Wow you’re beautiful messages is a whole lot better than a kick in the teeth.

I guess it’s for the best because he seems to continually do this. He’ll say one thing, but then do something different. That’s a quick way to drive a girl out of her ever lovin’ mind.

Still, it’s sad. From my eyes it looks like he’s got everything he’s been looking for right in front of him. I mean I’m kinda crazy about him… How do you NOT reach out and grab that??

Worse yet, let me update you on The Duke’s current situation. Duke has fallen madly in love with a woman across the country from him. He’s known her since he was a kid, and he is willing to leave his wife and turn his whole world completely upside down for her.

She’s there too, I mean she’s told him she loves him and he’s the one she’s meant to be with. He’s the best thing that ever happened to her…. all that good stuff. And then one day, she just disappears, sticks her head in the sand. It’s been a couple weeks now since Duke has heard from her. Duke, however, is a romantic and unstoppable force (and a lot nicer than I am. I’d be pissed), so he continues to message her. He drove a good 12 hours to see her brother on a special day, hoping she might make it too.

She didn’t show and she hasn’t called. Hell, she hasn’t even bothered to send one frickin’ text message. 3 words… atleast that would be something “I need time”. I mean, give the guy a clue! He’s crazy in love with you and willing to give you whatever you want to make you happy.

Duke knows her family, and talked to her sister about the situation. The sister says Duke’s girl is madly in love with him but scared out of her wits. Well, that’s nice and all, but it still no excuse for the complete disappearance… and after all those things she said. You don’t do that. You don’t play around with the “L” word, and all those other statements. Those are powerful things to say. Men have fought wars over much less. 😦

Duke has pleaded with her, and been understanding, and told her he’ll give her all the time and space she needs… even apologized for loving her too much. He’s done everything short of get angry. And STILL she can’t lift a f@*%ing finger (or a thumb. I mean how easy is it to fire off a text message)?

How does that happen? How do you find everything you ever wanted, and then just throw it away like that? If she’s so in love with him, how can she bare to risk it all by pulling a Houdin? And WHY doesn’t she have enough respect for him to at least tell him something? Good bye, good luck,

f@*% off.. something!

These things are so rare

… a love like this… feeling you’ve found your soul mate. Some people NEVER have that. They spend thier entire lives in mediocre, hum drum love. My own mother has told me she’s never loved like that. Even for those of us that get the chance to love this way— it certainly doesn’t happen everyday.

I can tell you one thing…. when it appears in front of me, scared or not, I’m going to grab ahold and wrestle it to the ground. I’m NEVER lettin’ go!!

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