How The Hell Do You Meet All These Guys???

This is how I do it… I love online dating. It allows me to just get on with my life, while still keeping me “out there” and available for dating. I don’t have to spend my precious time off going out to bars or wherever trying to meet people. A few great smiley pics that I took with my palm, one well written paragraph about fabulous me and bam!  My profile is doing the work while I’m living my life.

Recently my ex-husband texted me “how the hell are you meeting all these guys?” Well, there you go. Plus, I’m fabulous, and people and relationships are important to me and in my life.. so of course I’m going to meet people.  I will admit though… ya, I can meet people, it’s the making it stick I haven’t figured out yet!

I can’t remember the last time I went out looking to meet someone. It’s difficult in this small town where I live too because it’s very clickish. I think most people here tend to stick to the people they know.

The last little town I lived in had a wholly different personality. It attracted people from all over the world, and when you walk in to a bar, people notice and might actually talk to you. NOT here. Nope. They don’t even blink. Never once has someone come up to me in this town and started talking to me.

I even noticed it when I was working with the public. In the last little town people would chat you up and maybe even ask you out… but this current town. Nope. The one time someone asked me out while I was working in this town, he lived hours and hours away.

So, if you are in a similar situation… You are busy and don’t enjoy going to bars or joining up with hobby clubs to meet people (I don’t do that around here either. All the clubs seem to be packed with senior citizens) maybe give it a try.

Another good way I’ve found to meet people is to take a class at a local college. It’s been years since I’ve done that too though. I have a demanding career with a changing schedule and two children. My custody schedule changes too depending on my work schedule. I don’t want to commit to a class at a certain day and time every week at this point in my life.

I’ve tried quite a few dating sites and my top recommendation is Totally free and lots of people. So, best of luck to you readers…

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