First Date With The Magic Man

I have found that some people in this life have a little magic. They just seem to be in the right place at the right time and they take that leg up and run with it. That’s who I met tonight. We’ll call him The Magic Man.

The Magic Man is 13 years older than I am, putting him in his late 40s. He has grey hair and a really good sense of  style. He’s about 5′ 10″ inches tall with a stocky build and I’d say a few extra pounds. I really don’t mind the few extra pounds. My theory about physical attractiveness is that if the thought of looking into this man’s face for possibly the rest of my life doesn’t make my skin crawl, I’m in. The Magic Man has warm eyes and a face filled with charachter.

What really excites me is the fact that he has live a BIG life and done fantastic things. I love to be around people that chase thier dreams and get out and LIVE in the world. People who’s life stands out in a crowd.

I guess it’s because I want to have a phenominal life. I only have this one to live and I want it to be extraordinary. I want to love and live passionately. I want to live OUTSIDE the box. Once I’m gone I want people to say, “She drove rip roaring through life… She wrote beautiful things, helped others, and loved with everything she had! She lived an incredible life.”

The Magic Man has that going on. I could tell just by reading his profile. It said something like “My truths (my experiences) are way harder to believe than any lie I could make up.” This fascinates me. He also says things like “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. When I make a mistake, I own it.” I like that too… and to be honest, I have Mr. Cool to thank for giving me an incredible experience with a man much older than myself. Now, because of that experience, I am not closed off to older men.

I met The Magic Man on Plenty of Freaks. I think I may have seen him while window shopping on the “meet me” feature. I added him to my favorites, which not only sticks his profile in my pocket for me to stalk later, but also sends him an email saying I added him. POF doesn’t have “winks” to send but this works well.

He emailed me almost immediately. We went back and forth a bit. All the while I was thinking about things I’d read in “He’s Just Not That Into You” and Dr. Phill’s “Love Smart”. Making sure that I’m not being too available, and letting him chase me.  Originally I told him I’d be tied up on a writing project. (Planning on writing a book with Captain Amazing next week, and ooooh he better show up!) but then I realized he’s actually in town. His profile listed his home as some place 6 hours away, but said he could re-locate to where ever his heart took him.

When I learned he was in town, I said, “well, if you are already in town, we can meet on Wednesday.”

We discussed where to go. He was very good about checking the restaurant’s hours and stuff. The restaurant I originally suggested wasn’t open so I left it up to him. Still he kept trying to hit that ball back into my court… until I finally suggested an alternative place to go.

It’s a tiny town and he’s been here as long as I have. Make a decision! He also waited until the last minute to nail down the time and place. I made sure I said something about that.

I keep thinking about Dr. Phil writing “we teach people how to treat us all the time…” so I am just going to expect to be cherished like for incredible, sexy, smart creature I am. I will expect to be treated with the utmost respect and consideration, and if there’s a little thing like that I’m going to make sure I express my displeasure, but in a non aggressive way. If there’s something big…. I’m out of there.

I arrived outside the closed restaurant we had discussed still not completely sure he was going to be there at that time. I don’t know how well versed he is with text messaging because he didn’t reply to my last text message which left me unsure.

I found myself sitting in my car in the middle of my small town watching people and praying “please God let it NOT be him” and “oh no, not him!”. I actually did see the Magic Man walk by, but he was a bit heavier than his pictures so I wasn’t sure it was him. He finally sent me a text, and I got out and headed toward the Pub to play some pool.

I was ON today. Feeling so confient!  I looked casual and beautiful. (Doesn’t hurt that I reactivated my POF profile and I’ve been getting hammered with “Wow you’re beautiful” messages all day.  Yeah me!). I was outgoing and happy… really my best self today.

We chatted and played the slowest game of pool ever. I swear he was letting me win. He couldn’t possibly be as bad at billiards as I am!

As we began our hour long game of pool, I was immediately concerned. First, I had asked him what he did for a living, and he blew me off with an “oh a lot of things” response.

Then, I had just told him that I play for fun but that I had befriended a bartender who taught me a a few things.  I told him I know just enough to pull off a good shot when someone’s being a jerk. See when you are a girl playing pool, every guy in the room feels like he needs to teach you a thing or two. (It’s NOT something I appreciate)

He racked em up and I went to break. I didn’t just flub this break. I mean I did a world class dork move and nearly dropped the pool cue. I think the only way I could have screwed that shot up worse would have been to shoot the cue ball off the table and hit him in the face.  I mean, it was thoroughly embarrassing…. and despite the information I had given him just a few minutes before, he just HAD to teach me a thing or two. I wonder if he could see me grinding my teeth. It was SO much more embarrassing after he did that. I wish he’d have just shrugged it off and asked if I wanted to keep goin’ or start again.

I thought for sure I’d have a fantastic failure of a date to report on after that. Nope, not so. He managed to turn it around with some terrific conversation.

He asked me about writing, which got me talking about Captain Amazing quite a bit. I know I made him wonder. Ha!

I asked him again about his work. It didn’t take long to get him going on a great story. He’s a very accomplished photographer and film (documentaries) maker. It seems to me that once he relaxed, he was much more pleasant to be around. He showing a couple of “controller signs” though and I HATE controllers.

I would be open to a second date, but I am staying keenly aware of those red flags . Not only was he sort of controlling, but I keep thinking about the fact that I didn’t see him and think “oh ya I’d totally do him.”  This isn’t age descrimination either, because Mr. Cool is 16 yrs older than me and the minute I first saw him I started thinking about ripping his clothes off. Damn he’s sexy!

A man’s sex appeal come from SO much more than physical looks. It’s in thier aura and on thier face. It’s about how they move and how they look at you. I am now thinking this whole thing may not go much further than a second date….

BEST thing I will say though… I felt 10 ft tall and bullet proof after this date. I went right home, put in my ear buds, started blasting music, washing the dishes and shaking my money maker.

I briefly thought about The Ambassador and The Ramblin’ man not having called me, but I shrugged it off and soaked up the happy!

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