A Flood of Super Fabulous Ideas

Ok, I have to admit it.  I love Dr. Phil.  It seems so sappy to actually confess that but alas.. it’s true.  I own several of his books.  I don’t DVR his talk show (he’s way funnier in print) but I am a huge girlie fan.

Have you ever had that DRIVE… like that hunger to get information IN?  I had that today.  I have been writing the blog and scrapbooking and stuff.  All this energy going out, so I guess I felt like I really needed to put something in.   I was looking everywhere for “Why Men Love Bitches” but I couldn’t find it.   (damn local bookstores never have the books I want.   i heart you, Amazon… you’re always there for me)   When I found “Love Smart”… and I haven’t put it down since!
Lately I am not usually blogging on my days off… but I am going to have to this week!  Not only am I all charged up to tell my readers about my weekend with The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man but I am just overflowing with incredible ideas…  and today I bought a fantastic new book.

Keep an eye on the blog for stories like–

 “Mary Ann Kicks Ginger’s Ass”   

“You’ll Thank Me For This Later;  Makin’ him work for it”

“How To Play The Game Better Than Those Other Stupid Girls”

“It’s A New Day & Time for a New Way;  The celebrity Blue is born”

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