Running From Intent and Bringing Out the Bitch

I spent the weekend with The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man and he brought up a very valuable and very frustrating situation.  It’s an epidemic really…. an epidemic of IDIOCY!

See, The Ramblin’ Man is charming, funny, and good looking. He’s quite charming and very good with people. Women look at him wherever he goes, but he’s unassuming which is such an endearing quality. Well, it seems to him that he does fine with women when he’s not looking for anything but the minute he shows any “intention” they run the other way.

Now, what I find SO interesting is that — I know at least two other men who are experiencing the same thing. I have also experienced this, so apparently it’s not exclusive to women.

Why is it that this happens? Aren’t these people… single people who are often times on dating sites, there to find a relationship? Why on earth would they run the other way?

Let me even add some to this… Everyone of the male persuasion that I talk to is bitching about how difficult the woman they are chasing are being and yet… if I am being too nice, they are completely disinterested. In fact, the other day, for some reason Mr. Hard Body mentioned a book called “Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart” by Sherry Argov. I have read excerpts from it and I think it looks fantastic. I am adopting that theory immediately. She means bitch in an empowered “I know what I want” kind of way.

This sort of makes sense because wherever a man (or woman really) puts his effort, time and money… that’s where his heart will be. In my opinion, that is also part of the men loving bitches, because you make them work for it. Come to think of it, in my most passionate relationship that was exactly the case. The guy was 11 years younger than me and I figured I needed that like I needed a hole in the head! So, I pushed him away but he loves a challenge 🙂 The Ramblin’ Man even said his ex-fiance made him “crawl through glass” for her and yet, he loves her like crazy. He made the most effort of any for her and he also seems to love her the most.

I am apparently quite different than most women.  I hate to play games. I’m a very “no nonsense” and “it is what it is” kinda gal. I know what I want and I am ready to find it. I’ve got my life together and I am assertive without being aggressive.  The Ramblin’ Man explained it like this… let’s say you’ve got a tennis court with men on one side and women on the other.  In most cases a woman will not approach the net.  She’ll hang back and let the man come to her… in fact, she’ll even make him cross over into her side of the court and will hang back to see just how far he’ll go for her.  An aggressive type woman will not only walk up to the net but cross over and be all in his territory and all over him before he even realizes whats happening.  In my case apparently, I simply sauntered up to the line and met him in the middle. 

This kind of bullshit makes no sense to me.  It’s childish games but for whatever reason it seems to work.  I hate to play games, but I think I’m going to have to start because whatever I have been doing is not workin’ for me. I have become more than one guy’s bestie, or that girl he met once, or the one he keeps trying to make a friend with benefits. Fuck that… Bring out the bitch!

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