This Push-Pull is Driving Me Crazy!!!

Mr. Hard Body has been struggling trying to heal from his last relationship where the girl cheated, and lied and then brought this new guy to the house. It was a MESS, no doubt.

So this, apparently, is what’s causing him to act like a crazy commitmentphobe with me and play this push-pull game. I’ll give you an example..

Yesterday he texted me the sweetest thing… He wrote “You’re the first person I think of when I get home, then I rush to flip on the computer to see what you did.” I thought that was terrific. I called him and we chatted and laughed like crazy over the phone.

Then today, I sent him several messages because I was supposed to be going on this outing with my kids but it got all screwed up… whatever. So he got home and found maybe 4 messages (about a paragraph each) in his email. Today I didn’t hear back from him at all.

This kind of thing happens ALL the time with him!

Freakin’ typical. I have been super understanding so far but I have about had it! Does he feel the way he says? Does he feel close to me and hopeful about what we could be like I do, or not??? If not. If he’s going to be more skittish than a baby bunny on easter sunday, then why on earth did he even put a profile up on Plenty Of Fish?

I’m so tired of meeting these guys that just don’t know what they want.. or they say they know but it’s not me but they still want to date me, or be friends, or sleep with me or whatever. I want a relationship. Is that so difficult? Does it have to be so frickin’ complicated??

I also listened to an old voicemail from Mr. Hard Body today and that sort of pissed me off too. It was from Friday. He said that he was at the concert with his buddy, the buddy’s girlfriend and the girl they have been trying to set him up with. This is like the second date with this stupid 20-year-old girl? He told me about her and says he doesn’t like her, but then again he made plans to go camping with the group of them. I don’t know what to think!

I also happened to see some comments he made on this girl’s Facebook photos (sometimes I really hate fb) like “I love this about you.” It wasn’t the comment that ticked me off so much, but the fact that I have heard him say that exact line to me.

I just want to punch him and tell him to stop jerking me around.  Of course, I won’t do that. I have my plans to go camping too. I’ll just do my thing and see what happens I guess.  I have to ask though… how long do I want to keep hanging around growing this GIANT crush on him but not know what the hell is going on?

–ya know what.. I am going to have a frickin’ talk with him when I get back. I’m tired of this. Why has he not made any move with me or anything? Why does he keep hanging around and saying sweet things if he’s just going to run away? What the hell is he afraid of??  Stop torturing me!  Are you in or are you out?!

I tell ya what I DO know.. This push-pull game is driving me crazy!

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