Welcome to The Higginbotham

Now I have been talkin’ to the Red Hott Ramblin’ Man since at least early March. He’s been stuck about a 9 hour drive away working on a project. He’s an engineer. So, now he is finally back to civilization and I had a chance to meet him.


That first date went totally amazing… and now he’s invited me to stay at his place because he’s an hour and a half drive from where I live.


I mulled it over. He said he’d be a gentleman and sleep on the couch if necessary. Little did he know, it wasn’t him I was worried about. I’m such a naughty girl. I knew if I put myself in that situation, clothes would be comin’ off.


Of course, I didn’t say that to my Ramblin’ Man. I was more charming than that.


So, I finally agreed to go and see him. I didn’t mind the drive or anything, I just wanted to feel kinda crazy about a guy before going to bed with him. AND I’d like to have some RELATIONSHIP sex!  I hate all this dating bullshit. I’m a relationship girl, and all this “dating” “seeing” “talkin’ to” bull– drives me crazy. People make things so damn complicated when they don’t have to be!


The Ramblin’ Man had been very clear with me that he would not be in any shape for any kind of committment for probably 6 months.. since he’s still trying to get his head straight after his last relationship he is coming out of. So, I assume that means exclusivity as well. Exclusivity is a committment, right? He also said that he won’t be hittin’ the bars because that’s not what he’s about.


Basically, the Ramblin’ Man wants a playdate. Don’t get me wrong, he wants romance and stuff… not just a booty call but at the same time, it has very similar qualities if you ask me.


Anyway, that’s how this thing was pinging around in my brain like a rubber ball. Finally I told my brain to SHUT UP and I asked myself… Do you want to go? Do you want to see him? If you do, and you think you might even like to sleep with him, then go. If not, then don’t. Don’t try to push anything or get all bent out of shape about the lack of committment thing. Just live for today.


Of course I want to go. This guy is freaking amazing. He’s like the olympic gold metal of dating. SO funny, and charming. He’s smart and handsome, sexy and confident. He has a great career and an interesting background. OF COURSE I wanted to go… So I did.


Unfortunately I had to push the time back a couple of hours but the Ramblin’ Man said that worked better for him too. I am sure that isn’t the first time I’ve done something flaky with him. I hate flaky people so I really really try not to be, but sometimes it happens.


It was a beautiful drive, and I found his place pretty quickly. He had said it was a pretty place, and no joke! It’s a humble little 2 bedroom home with a 1970s feel to it, but it’s beautifully landscaped and within walking distance of the river.


The smell, and the look of the place was so refreshing…. and then I saw the sign. It read “Higginbotham”. I laughed to myself. This HAD to be his place! I wouldn’t be surprised if he brought that sign with him. It was so stinkin’ funny.


I walked in and the Ramblin’ Man was chillaxin in his athletic shorts and a t-shirt. He had put his place together quite nicely and even had wall hangings up throughout the house. AND of course, he covered up a gorgeous fireplace with a GIANT TV. Ha! Such a man thing to do. I swear every single man I know has at least one giant TV. Even if he has NOTHING else, and has to sit on the floor to watch it… he has a giant tv. It’s just the kind of thing that makes me roll my eyes and laugh. I miss having a man in my life.


The Ramblin’ Man is very hospitable. He gives me a hug and then a tour of the Higginbotham… smarting off saying “oh yes, a man of means such as myself deserves a place such as the Higginbotham.”


He gave me a preview of dinner. He had told me over the phone that he is a pretty good Martha Stewart, and no kiddin’! He had a yummy appetizer with thick cut bread that was toasted with lots of cheese and some other fancy lookin’ stuff. It was kinda gourmet. (it tasted fantastic. i loved it!) THen he was making stuffed Portobello mushrooms for dinner. He was stuffing them with some more gourmet ingredients and it was divine.


Things felt a little formal. I was nervous and quiet I’m sure. He made some kind of lime and gin type mixed drink and we went outside to the new Patio set. It was a gorgeous set, and a big step for him. For years he has kept his personal belongings in an amount that would fit in a U-haul trailer. One couch. One TV. Small kitchen table and 4 chairs, and a bed. You get the picture, right? I even commented that he’s a single guy with no recliner… and he replied “wouldn’t fit in the truck.”


Well, maybe he’s settling down some because he bought the patio set knowing full well it would NOT fit in that trailer. Not a chance.


We sat in the sun, and I sipped my drink. I’m not much of a drinker, but the Ramblin’ man is. We talked about past relationships and careers and all sorts of things. Remember when I said he’s a gold medal of dating. Well, I was NOT exaggerating. During this chat I learned that he speaks 4 languages, including french. He knows opera, and jazz. (Wow, this guy is kinda fancy, classy… or whatever. Of course I should have realized that the moment I learned that he OWNS a tuxedo. He may be the only man I know that OWNS a tuxedo.)


The Ramblin’ Man is incredibly sweet but also sentimental and macho. He talked about his time on embassy duty and about working as a security guard after that while he was going to college. He said people would often mistake him for a police officer and he would say “You see my badge? It’s SEWN on!”


He also mentioned that he’s an Alpha male, and how he feels about his woman hanging out with guys he’s never met. This caused me to pause. Not necessarily the story about his previous relationship but stating he’s an Alpha Male. That- he obviously is, but I’m not so sure that’s the kind of man I want to be with again. In my mind, Alpha male is synonymous with A-Hole. The Ramblin’ Man, however, is NOT an a-hole. hmmmmm.


We came back inside and he said it was time for a glass of wine. I agreed and he made a joke about me leaving. I laughed and said, ya well, I’d be sleeping in my car in your driveway at this point because I am not driving.


The wine was good, and I can’t remember if it was a red or a white wine. The Ramblin’ Man is so good at breaking the touch barrier… He was doing it again. About the time I got my glass of wine he decided he was going to hug me and pick me up. So, I wrapped my legs around him… It’s a nice feeling, and I’m sure he was pleasantly surprised. He was trying to hang on to me without putting his hands square on my butt… but that’s almost impossible with the monkey hug. So…. red wine, white wine… I don’t remember. I didn’t care right about then.


We sat on the couch and ate dinner while watching some ridiculous stupid comedy. It was like Scary Movie 3 or something. Second date, and second time I sat in front of a movie with the Ramblin’ Man totally laughing and I’m not really. lol


After dinner and the glass of wine, the Ramblin’ man decided it was time for a martini. He was making sure to mix all my drinks extra wimpy, and I appreciated that. He made a vermouth martini and let me try it. Funny, second date and I think he knew I wasn’t going to like it. I darn near spit it back into the glass. “ugh,I don’t like it. Nope, don’t like it.” I must have sounded like a toddler! He didn’t even blink. He pulled out some pear flavored mix, and a fresh pear. He then instructed me on the art of making a peartini, crushing the pear into the drink. I let him know how much I appreciated the extra effort while he joked that he was trying to make a good impression for the blog.


I said I was going to write that I had never had anyone try so hard to get me drunk. He stumbled “I doubt that. You’re a little cutie.”


The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man even whipped up some chocolate mousse for desert!


We are sitting on the couch watching this stupid ridiculous movie… and he leans over and kisses me. Whew… it was like a flash of lightning to my lips! One thing led to another and I didn’t hesitate. I’d made the decision before I went up there… Well, the Red Hott Ramblin’ man greatly appreciated not being jerked around.


So, we rolled around for a bit. It was fun, but ya know, slightly awkward being the first time we’ve been together… and he’s kind of a talker. That cracks me up when I think about it, but in the heat of the moment, it’s all I can do not to say “shut up!” I just ignore and don’t really answer… Dude, I’m busy!


After our late night work out, I showered and put on my favorite panties… The Ramblin’ Man liked them too, but at first he goes “WHY are you putting clothes on??”


I replied in my sassiest tone “I’m leaving!” We both laughed and I was like “well you’re wearing clothes.”


We sat on the couch and The Ramblin’ Reached for the mousse again… Offering me a spoonful, he “accidentally” spilled it on my shirt. I peeled my tank top off and sat around in nothin’ but red panties and boobies. The Ramblin’ Man was delighted! After all that time being stuck out in the woods on that last project… he was ecstatic to have a half-naked girl walkin’ around the house with him. He kept saying how impressed he was with… Ya know, everything. lol.


It was a great ego boost for me. I think, being single, you can get all wrapped up in the parts of your body that you feel self conscious about. No one ever sees you naked and gives you any other point of view, and we all know we can be really hard on ourselves.


We curled up together at the end of the night. The Ramblin’ Man has his routine, and rolled into the bedroom at about 10:30pm. It was warm, but still he curled up around me and snuggled me the entire night. What a fantastic feeling to have a man’s arms around me.


In the morning, he whipped out the Martha Stewart side again. He slid some Nutella on to a few pieces of toast and sliced some strawberries super thin… then placed them on top. It was GORGEOUS and tasted amazing. He topped it off with a joke about the Nutella saying it was “almost like frosting, but NOT.”


We hopped in his truck and took a ride in to town to get Quiche at a local cafe. As I walked around the truck I caught a glimpse of a sticker that said “kiss my furry red butt!” which I thought was hilarious. Then we got in the truck and his iPod started blaring “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” I think he was a little embarrassed about that, but I was rockin’ to that a lot more than I was to the jazz that he was playing the night before. lol.


We had a nice breakfast together. We talked about more of the places he had been and people he’d met. I thought about how damn nervous I was. I know I was MUCH quieter than usual. We did, however, talk about some of the Ramblin’ Man’s Relationship theories. (I’ll cover those later).


Although, I would have loved to just stay and hang out with him the entire day… I had to get back and pick up my kids. Get back to life…. and leave the Higginbotham.


We double checked that I hadn’t left anything behind. I got the slightest impression that he may have another woman over and didn’t want her to see my panties hangin’ on the door knob.


That’s one reason I was so damn nervous. I know he’s not all in this, so I’m in self-preservation mode. I’m someone who attaches easily, especially with physical connection and affection…. so I’m holding back. I admit it, but I have to or I’ll either run him off with my clinginess or get hurt because he’s not committed. (When I damn well knew that from the beginning!)


I drive home thinking about the Alpha Male thing. I am also thinking about how he has tons of summer plans… camping, bonfires, etc… and has not invited me to any of them. I figure he just isn’t ready for me to meet his friends, and that’s fine.


I also thought about what it’s like to be in a relationship with an Alpha Male. In my mind, you’ve got to let him be in charge. They need that. They crave it. So, I will certainly make sure I take a step back and don’t get too attached. Not sure what this is or will be or how he’s feeling.. quite yet.


Last… I thought about Mr. Hard Body. I wondered if he was curious where I was. I told him I was going shopping in the city and would be back late… which is true. I did go shopping… and I was back late, but I skipped over the middle part about staying at another dude’s house.


Why shouldn’t I though? Mr. Hardbody hasn’t laid a hand on me. At this point… we are just friends really. Oh so many thing to think about. One thing is for sure though.. It’s starting to get uncomfortable seeing the both of them. I mean, what if The Ramblin’ Man wanted to come to our small town and see my house? Do I just cross my fingers and HOPE Mr. Hard Body doesn’t stop by??


Not sure what to do but I’m sticking what I’ve been saying. I’m not going to manipulate anything… Just going to let it happen on its own.

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