Inside Info on Some Internet Dating Sites

Ok readers, I thought I’d give you the benefit of my experience, and maybe save you a little cash. I’ve been on SO many dating and most of them don’t work properly unless you pay for a membership… so I’ve shelled out some dough in the pursuit of true love. Why not share that with the small but VERY lucky population that actually reads my blog?


So, below I will relate my experiences with several different dating sites… some of which I am still using. I am going to show some pros and cons but only mention things that are important to me… for instance, I don’t care if there is 20 million users.. I care if I meet some quality people. That’s what matters.

— $30/mo and then I didn’t get a whole lot of action on it either. I just didn’t really see anything special about it so I bailed. ūüė¶

— $50/ mo. Costs more than other more established sites and with no justification as to why. I didn’t like that. Didn’t see or meet anyone on here either, so I jumped ship.

— $30/ mo. Very little information on profiles. I did meet one cool guy on here, but we weren’t a match. However, I received¬†messages from a WHOLE BUNCH of freaks. One guy looked like some sort of serial rapist. He was half-naked¬†with like a pug on his shoulder and all his message said was “you are beautiful. let’s fuck.” Ummm NO THANKS creepy guy! I bailed on the site after that.


— Probably the most well-known¬†internet dating sight due to their extensive commercial advertising on tv.

Pros-¬†*Great theory to match people based on 29 dimensions of compatibility. *Fantastic articles sent to your email in a sort of newsletter format. (has covered topics such as why he doesn’t¬†call, when you know you’re his girlfriend, & do women really care about cool Sounds cheesy but I think they are very interesting. I could sit on the eharmony website and read articles all day long!)


*Claims nearly to be responsible for nearly 5% of all new marriages in the US


*Because of the prestige and the fact that you really must pay to do anything on that site… You may meet better quality people.


Cons- *Expensive/ running at about $60 a month


*You can’t search


*You only get to choose from the matches they give you & who is to say they are right?? I have seen all kinds of different relationships work and I don’t think eharmony¬†has a hotline to God on compatibility.


*misleading advertising (such as “review your matches for free” but you can’t see any photos)


***Not enough numbers, even with a poss 20 million members. This has been MY experience. It’s terrible for small towns… I have only met ONE person in 4 years from that site. I would also say it has only sent me a handful of matches during that time.


*Requires MUCHO information from members. SO much so that my profile has never been more than 94% finished. I don’t know if I even know that much about myself!


*Put a premium on marriage. That is what they base their¬†“success rate” on. I personally thing longevity¬†is much more important than whether or not a couple marries… especially in this day and age when divorce is so common.


I think there are SO¬†many dimensions that eharmony¬†tries to match by, there just aren’t enough people in a town like this. (even though I have my profile set to like anyone within 100 miles!) Dating is a numbers game… even if you are matched for compatibility. Think about it… might never even get past the first page even if you don’t like the way the person looks. (You may call it superficial, but I call it honest… ATTRACTION MATTERS. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you may be looking into that face for the rest of your life.) Considering a person could quite possibly not make it past the first glance, what kind of odds do you have if you are given only 5 matches, instead of 50?

— also a very well-known¬†site. I like it better than eharmony. My own cousin actually met someone on the site and married her.

Pros- *Good quality people. I have met several really cool people who are really out there doing something with their lives on this site. I met a real estate broker that I have amazing chemistry with on this site, as well as a fireman, a Fish and Game Warden, a restaurant owner and a Chef.


*Variety. Whatever kind of relationship you are looking for, you can usually find it on this site.. whether it’s dating, marriage, or I have even seen a married couple’s profile who was looking for a third person to join them.


*A lot of information. You can read SO much about a person from match’s profiles. I think this is a good way to avoid wasting your time.


*Does not require more information than you actually know about yourself.


*Lots of great features to use, such as member spotlight.


Cons-¬†*You’ve got to pay (about $35/ mo) which isn’t always a bad thing, but I find myself paying the subscription fee then meeting someone and shutting down the profile, then starting it up again and having to pay all over again. It’s kind of a pain.


*Possibly too much information. Sometimes an abundance of information on a person’s profile can cause people to be too dismissive. You might meet someone in person and decide that you like them enough to overlook things like the fact that they don’t work out every single day, but just looking at an online profile it’s easy to say… ehhh, I’m really looking for someone who works out as much as I do. NEXT!


Bottom line is that this is a great site. I like it and I’ve met some terrific people here but why continue when I can use a site that really is totally free and get the same result?



— My absolute favorite! It’s the best dating site I have found so far… Not only is it free, free, free (and I mean it.. you can see pictures on there… send messages & the whole deal) but it is also flourishing with people. I have met a wide variety of very interesting people on this site, and there never seems to be a shortage of new members. All I have to do is turn my profile ON and I’ll start getting messages. Better yet, the more active I am on the site, the more exposure my profile will get. In fact, it has at time felt sort of overwhelming and I’ve hidden my profile just for that reason.

Pros– *Free free free


*No misleading advertising


*LOTS of people


*The more active you are, the more exposure your profile gets


*Wide variety of people


*Several different ways to block undesirables




*Advertising on every page


So, there you go! Happy hunting, readers! or should I say “Happy Fishing”?!




In the process of researching this blog, I found this chart of all kinds of different dating sites… what they charge and what they are for…

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