Helloooo Mr. Hard Body

I managed to meet someone who actually lives RIGHT HERE in my tiny little town! I was SO excited but also apprehensive. I was worried he’d be a huge dork. He’s in retail management, which is what I was in before my current career, but works for a much larger outfit.

He seemed sweet but for some reason I was very worried that he was going to be a huge dork. From his POF (plenty of fish) profile I could tell that he was really into his career. I thought that kind of odd. When I worked in retail management, I didn’t even consider it a career and I certainly wasn’t super proud of it. He also made a point in his profile to let people know that he has adult ADHD. Once again, I thought that was kind of odd.

Still, he seemed handsome enough, and I asked to meet him for coffee. He seemed to be content with just emailing for God knows how long… which I consider to be ridiculous if you live in the same town. I am on there to actually meet people in person.

So, off I went, the day after my fantastic date with the Ramblin’ Man– not expecting much. We were supposed to have coffee downtown just a short distance from my new house.

I pulled up and the cafe was closed, but there he was, sitting on a park bench across the street. I was THRILLED. He was SO good-looking and has a really stylish outdoorsy look to him. I made sure to really check him out, with the jeans hanging perfectly on his hips. Not too loose, or too tight, and a button up shirt that traced his body and showed his very defined arms quite well. I was very impressed. I love to see a man with some style!

I would say that most of the men I have dated (including my ex husband) weren’t concerned with being stylish as long as they didn’t look like a big dork. They tend to be conservative dressers with a wardrobe stuffed full of JC penny jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.

I jumped out of the car, and I swear Mr. Hard Body was about to shake my hand but I am more of a hugger, and reached in for a hug right away. We discussed the cafe being closed and decided to jump in my sexy little sedan and go get coffee. I felt very comfortable with him. I think partly because he’s a beta male… not a super aggressive personality. More of a “live and let live” type than an “I’m in charge here” type, and I really like that.

We got some coffee and I showed off my new house. We had been emailing for about a week or more so he knew all about my new house and stuff. He told me he’d be on vacation and offered to help me move a number of times. (I thought that was fantastic but didn’t want to make him work right after I’d just met him!)

We hung out for several hours just talking and stuff. I was supposed to meet a friend to work on my new place.. cleaning and getting it ready to move everything in. We finally parted but kind of begrudgingly. It was terrific and comfortable hanging out with him. He was energetic and funny and charming. We drove around town, walked around my place, looked at his place and the time zipped by so quickly!

I thought about him all day. I was thinking about how I was not working and I didn’t have my kids, yet we weren’t hanging out. He was on vacation and his BFF was out of town, so he wasn’t really doing much either and was in a really uncomfortable living situation. (Still living in the same house with his ex-girlfriend while waiting for his new rental to open up. He was very open with me about the situation, and I’m not a judgemental person so it was fine).

More and more I found him on my mind and thought about how I didn’t want it to be awkward and uncomfortable asking him to help during my moving process. I knew I was going to be super busy moving over the next few days though.

Finally I figured “what the hell! why not?! I think you’ve got to be willing to be a little awkward when you are trying to get to know someone new and awkward won’t kill me.” So, a few hours later I dropped by his house to ask if he would come and help me and a couple of friends move some stuff in to the new place. I stepped up to his door, took a deep breath and knocked.

Next thing you know I’m staring at an exquisitely toned chest and abs… I’m sure I stumbled over my words as he stood there in nothing but a towel. It was a gorgeous sight. Hellooooo, Mr. Hard Body! HOLY cow, he looked like a Calvin Klein model! 

BUT, I also felt SO awkward and uncomfortable since I JUST met him that day and now I was asking for help moving! What is wrong with me?!! I also felt like I was COMPLETELY interrupting him… for OBVIOUS reasons.

When he did come to the door, Mr. Hard Body had a pretty startled look on his face, and was looking around rapidly. Later he teased me and said I had “cop knocked” his door. He completely cracked me up.

Despite the uncomfortable, half way clothed moment we had after my cop knock, Mr. Hard Body DID come and help me move some things that day. It was nice to have him around and later when discussing it, we came to the conclusion that sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to build a friendship or any kind of relationship really.

Over the next few days I have seen Mr. Hard Body several times for casual workin’ around the house moving type things. He let me load up his pick up with trash, and he drove me out to the dump. I kept my eyes out for an apartment for him, and we drove by a couple so he could take a look. We have become fast friends.

Despite his very carved and molded physical appearance, he is not a shallow person like one might think. He’s lived a lot of life and conquered addiction. He has thrived despite an alcoholic mother and a family that has been torn apart by the foster care system and the suicide of one of his siblings. He’s someone who seems to go to extremes with whatever he does. He’s all about nutrition and physical fitness right now and you can see the little obsession all over his body. However, he has such a warm attitude about it. He really is just trying to be the best he can be in his life. He’s not trying to make anyone else get with his regime.

I like him very much, but I have noticed a couple of dating quirks he has. First is that he is oblivious to flirtations. If I make a flirtatious maybe a little naughty joke, he will inevitably not “get it”. I actually had to ask him what was going on, and even said “do we not have ‘that kind’ of a thing?”

He quickly replied “no, we DO. I’m just trying to take it slow.” Well, he’s not kidding. That’s the other thing I have noticed, he’s not been physical with me at all. I have gotten the occasional hug when I have asked for it but he has never tried to hold my hand, or kiss me or anything. That is really bizarre to me. Most men are start TRYING to sleep with me the first time. They usually THINK they have a good chance of actually getting laid by like the first date. NOT this guy. At this point we have been seeing each other for 3 weeks to a month and he STILL has never tried to kiss me.

Mr. Hard Body is just a couple of months out of a bad relationship where he was lied to and cheated on. He is really scared of getting into another bad situation like the one he just got out of. I understand that and like I said before in this blog, I am not trying to manipulate anything or make anything happen, so I am just going with the flow. I am really enjoying his company and plan to keep doing that. We’ll see where it goes from there. 🙂

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