Crazy Cucumber Salad with The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man

I finally met Red The Engineer. We’ve been talking for several months too. He’s been working on a project for work some 9 hours away, and has finally packed up his Uhaul and come back to civilization. He’s still an hour and a half away from where I live but it’s close enough. 🙂

Now, Red’s profile reads “seeking ‘long term’ for dating but nothing serious”… That’s a little confusing to a girl but I have decided that- it is what it is. I am going to meet and date intruiging, attractive men, and the rest will take care of it’s self. I’m just not going to worry about the whole relationship thing. (I mean unless someone is obviously looking for nothing more than a roll in the hay. no thanks!). If that’s the case then I just keep walkin’.

So, Red just got out of a relationship with a woman he thought he was going to marry. Before I met him in person he made it very clear to me that he was just getting out of this relationship and wouldn’t be ready for any kind of committment for probably about 6 months.

I understand this, and like I said, I am going to just LIVE LIFE and let the relationship thing happen when it happens. It will happen, when it’s meant to… without me manipulating any of the details. So, I took Red’s info and thanked him for his honesty, then together we started planning our first date.

Red also said that he has NO intention of hitting the bars and clubs because that’s not what he’s about. Gooood to hear because I am the same way. This dating stuff isn’t easy for me… I’m really more of a relationship girl, but over the years I have really learned how important it is to be in a relationship with the right person. When I am with the wrong guy, it’s just miserable. In my last real relationship, he and I were “fire and gasoline”, like the Chris Young country song says. “…you’re no good for me. I’m no good for you. We only cause each other tears and sorrow…”

Big Red and I decide to meet in the middle, which I later found out is very indicative of his personality. He’s always looking for things to be equal. We each drove 45 minutes and met at a gorgeous park in a cute little hippie town.

I parked and saw his big ol’ truck as I strolled by. I peaked at the driver but since I just a little bit unsure, I didn’t say anything to him and proceeded to our pre-arranged meeting place.

I hadn’t been to this park many time before though, so of course I walked the LONG way around like a doofas! I was nervous, I have to admit. This guy is incredibly handsome, well educated, well built, world traveled and SO funny. More than once I thought “this guy might just be out of my league!”

I met him, and he was very warm. He had a hug and a smile waiting for me. We sat down at a sushi place where he did not eat sushi (haha) and told stories about his time in Japan. He was very specific making his order and laughingly told me how he had picked all the sprouts out of his dish one by one last time he visited this place.

I was quite nervous. Not only was Big Red quite intimidating but I had foolishly decided to drink coffee and NOT eat breakfast that morning, so I was like on the verge of a panic attack. I fessed up to that really quickly, so he understood why I might look a little shaky.

I ordered some kind of cucumber salad, which didn’t look anything like a salad at all. When it came to the table, we thought it was an apetizer, like when some restaurants bring out bread. It was in a tiny bowl the size of a fruit cup and we ate it together. Red ordered another for me later and admitted to the waiter that he had eaten my salad. lol.

I was having an absolutely terrific time. Red and I have some background in common with our military service. Not only are we both veterans but we served on the same base at different times.

After the crazy cucumber salad, we walked through the downtown streets of the little hippie town. Red immediately placed himself between me and the road. He said he was being a gentleman and I replied “my mom would be so impressed”.

He broke the touch barrier right away, which I loved! Not only am I a very affectionate person anyway, but touching me casually was a fantastic way to show that he was interested. Plus, it was like a shot of electricity through my body every time he did it.

I had settle down some but was still a bit jumpy from my coffee breakfast. We walked up the streets lost in conversation. We were climbing a hill and I was in the middle of a story when what I thought was a statue– MOVED! I screamed and jumped and crashed into The Red Hott Rambler. I nearly ran in to the street, I was SO startled!

Once I took a breath and realized it was a street performer that has scared the crap out of me… I started to laugh like crazy. I must have looked SO terrified because passers by were laughing at me. People sitting near the window in a restaurant right there were laughing at me. It was quite a sight, and I immediately searched for my phone to take a picture of him and post it on facebook.

Meanwhile the street performer was offering me a piece of candy, and Red was insisting that I take it. Even though I now knew he was just a dude painted up to look like a statue, I still stretched my arm out and snatched the candy from his hand as quickly as possible. It was great fun!

We checked out a few shops and Red continued cracking jokes. He was SO hilarious, I was trying like hell not to cry off my eye make-up!

He asked me about wine and movies. He has a group of about 4 or 5 buddies that he hangs out with, and goes camping with and such.. I teased him about his “BROmances”… He said “Oh, I’ve got plenty of bromance. I’ve got bromance all over me… it need some ROmance” and launched in to a humorous demonstration of why it’s not the same to have one of his buddies over for a glass of wine and a movie. He joked about rubbing his buddie’s shoulders, and he is buddy reacting poorly with a “get off me dude!” Oh my God! My belly was aching from laughing so hard!

His jokes got a little naughtier and a little more sexual (which is right up my alley), including a raucous story he calls his “corndog rape” when he was driving and had both his hands busy and a corndog in his mouth when his buddy — shall we say, started moving the corndog in a very phallic manner. OMG, I could barely breath by this time!

He seemed obviously very comfortable and asked if I wanted to see a movie. “I know we’re supposed to be like talking and stuff…” he said. (I don’t know who makes these “rules” about dating, or where the hell they come from but I know em too). I waived my hand and said “ahh, we’ve been talking for months.”

“That’s what I thought too,” he replied with a smile.

Off we went to see The Hangover Part II, my suggestion. I liked the first Hangover movie and knew it was a very guy’s guy movie. Now, The Rambler is a man’s man. He’s tall, muscular and handsome. He was in the military and as an engineer, works on a construction site. He’s tough and confident and direct. Definately right for this kind of movie, AND he has a real taste for ridiculous comedy like that, it turns out.

So, he put his arm around me during the movie, and I caught him a couple times smelling my hair. Whew, the rush of adrenaline at feeling his face at my neck was tingly and intoxicating! Plus, it felt genuine. Red has been in the middle of no where for 18 months working on his previous project. He rarely saw women, and it seemed like he was craving the company of a woman.. just to be near a woman. Well… my pleasure, Ramblin’ Man!

After the movie, we chatted a bit as he walked me to my car. He had plans to meet with his buddy. He invited me to come stay at his place and offered to be a gentleman and, of course, sleep on the couch. He said that if I had some rule about waiting til the 3rd or 4th or 5th date.. that he could wait.

Honestly, I think it’s ludicrous to put a random number of dates on whether or not you are going to be intimate with someone. I just replied “I don’t have like a rule.. I just want to make sure how I am feeling on the inside matches what I am doing on the outside.” What it comes right down to is, I don’t want to pretend to be close with someone… I want actual intimacy.

He kissed me… once again, it was like a shot of energy shooting straight to my lips and through my body. He’s a fantastic kisser. In my opinion, not only does kissing have to do with not going too fast or too slow, not pressing too hard or too soft but also… what you do with your hands and the emotion and excitement that accompanies it. THOSE are the details that can make or break a kiss, and Red shined!

I believe he put his hand near my chin, almost behind my head the first time and I could feel him breathing me in. We chatted a little more and then he kissed me again with his hands low on my waist. So sensual and sexy! He then slathered on the compliments, telling me I’m a good kisser and such. I played it cool, but inside I was giggling like a school girl!

After that he stumbled on his words a bit, talking about me visiting his place. He even said he felt awkward. I laughed “don’t feel awkward! lol- Go see your buddy!”

I got in my car… and floated on a cloud… singing to the radio and unable to remove the giant grin from my face all the way home.

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