First Date With The Fighter

I have a first date with the Super Sexy MMA fighter tomorrow.  We have been trying to plan this for like three weeks but his schedule, my schedule, holidays and then his brother getting into a crash has prevented us so far.

I am SUPER excited as he and I have really been hitting it off.  It seemed sort of odd at first since we had sort of been making small talk for so long.  Then out of the blue “I’m interested”. 

 The first night we actually talked on the phone instead of texting, we talked for about two hours.  Then the very next night another two hours, then an hour and a half the third night.  All just getting to know you stuff and playing the question game.   We were just tossing out any questions we had about each other… or anything that came to mind.  One would respond, then the other and we would chat about it. 

We couldn’t keep up that pace talking for two hours every night, since we both have long hours at work, plus kids and other responsibilities but we have at least texted every day since.  So far I have found him considerate and sweet, full of depth and caring.  He’s not the bulldozer personality you might expect an MMA Fighter to be.  He’s the country 18 years old sitting in the NICU with his sick baby boy for days on end.  He’s the son that goes to help his Dad on a project and when his Dad hurts his back, he finishes the project on his own.  He’s the brother that drives five hours to pick up his little brother and load the mangled car on to a trailer and bring it home. 

He’s also been so polite and well-mannered, without appearing disinterested.  It was just last night that we first messaged each other about anything… shall we say “racy”?

I am VERY excited to meet him, AND a little nervous.  I REALLY really hope we hit it off in person as well.  I hate to say that but I have talked and messaged with people before and then when we met in person there was some kind of not so happy surprise. 

It’s hard for me to get excited about someone at this point.  There have been so many let downs and it’s been ten months since I was last in a relationship really.  It feels like I can’t imagine being in one again.  I don’t know how some people do this for YEARS.

At this point though, my main concern is our age difference.  He is nine years younger and I guess I’m being a little self conscious in worrying that I’ll look older than he expected or something.  I’ve also got about 10 pounds on that I’m not comfortable with and I know he’s quite thin.  And last, he lives in a city an hour and a half drive away.

I really hope it goes well.  He’s driving here to my tiny little town and I am planning the date.  I told him it’ll be a picnic in the park, but what I didn’t tell him is that I’m going to go a little more creative than that!

When we get to the park I am going to hand him an empty picnic basket with a note in it saying something like “oh no, our lunch has been lost in the park… rescue me and find it please!  Your first clue is…”

I intend to hide the dishes and other stuff through out the park, leaving clues and notes for him to find… like a first date scavenger hunt.  I think this is a kind of fun and creative idea.  He’s pretty outgoing, so I know he’ll enjoy it, but it’s going to take me some time to get it set up.

After the scavenger hunt and picnic in the park, we are planning to go back to my house and watch a movie.  I am going to rent “My Best Friend’s Girl”… since I think it’s crazzzy hilarious and he’s never seen it.  Plus, there isn’t much to do in this town!

I just hope he doesn’t interpret it as some kind of code for first date sex because that is not what I am after at all.  Plus, I realized that at one point I told him he could crash at my place if he wanted, since it’s a long drive.  Now, I  also told him at that time that I had a bunk bed with some race car sheets on it that had his name written all over it.  I was trying to be cute and in a charming way let him know that I had no intention of sharing too much on the first date.

I think he gets that, but I have to admit… I know how I am.  If we really hit it off I’m going to be SO tempted!  That’s why I usually try not to put myself in to that kind of position… but here we go.  It’ll be a good challenge for me.  Have some discipline woman!

Another problem with having him at my place is that I have to get the place in order and smellin’ nice.  I’ll be washing dishes, cleaning floors, and bathrooms and changing sheets.  Ugh!!  I hope I have enough time!

Wish me luck!  I’ll let you know how it goes….

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