All Women Fit in to One of Two Camps

Captain Amazing and I had a terrific conversation last night.  He broke up with the girlfriend who didn’t want us to talk.  ya!!  

Captain Amazing has this theory that all women can be separated into two camps according to their Daddy issues.  “And they ALL have Daddy issues” he says.  (to which I pretty much replied “ya baby…  -sultry grin-  I’ll show you some Daddy issues!”  hehehe) 

He went to meet a girl he’d been texting with and was chatting with her roommate.  He explained his theory and what each of the camps are.  Below I have listed the camps Captain Amazing described…  as I understood and interpreted them.

Camp Pampered Princess —  You’ve all heard it…  “Daddy’s little princess”.  This camp is for those ladies that had Dad around coaching their softball team and thinking they could do no wrong.

Camp Daddy Desertion —  Dad left or was not involved (workaholic or alcoholic  maybe) and thus this camp has its own issues.  (When Captain Amazing mentioned this camp, the girl’s roommate started to cry and talk all about how her Daddy abandoned her.  QUITE a different reaction from what I had.  hahahaha!)

Of course, I couldn’t let my gender take a hit like that, so I insisted he immediately tell me what camps men fall into.

Camp Momma Madonna — Mom was there for them, kissing boo-boos and lending a listening ear, as Mom’s should do.

Camp Alpha Male —  Mom was either absent, or greatly failed them in some way.   (For instance, not protecting them from an abusive father.)

In both camps, on both sides there is good and bad.  Without a doubt, we are all changed by our life experiences, and learn and grow in our personal development.  However, I think when you get down to the bones of it, this is accurate.  I also think it’s very insightful.  Kudos to Captain Amazing!

I ran this theory past a girlfriend of mine, who also happens to be my manicurist, and she was also impressed with how insightful it was.  She said her Daddy treated her like a Princess and never told her “No,” thus creating a monster.  I literally laughed out loud! 

I can see just where she is coming from.  I have thought that people whose parents were involved would be more healthy when it comes to relationships but we all have our issues, don’t we? 

Here is my sassy, gritty and somewhat silly assessments of each camp…  Which one do you belong to?

Camp Pampered Princess

Pros:  Could be more healthy and independent as they don’t generally have the same abandonment issues as those with absent parents.  Could be more athletic if her father actually did coach her sports teams, as I sassed off about earlier in this post.  May also be on quite a successful path, as Dad was there to help provide for the family. 

Cons:  Can be an entitled spoiled brat who was never told no and doesn’t intend for that to start now.  May have NO sense of the value of money or hard work.  May lack independence, expecting a man to take care of her in every way.  Could have a very attached and committed Dad that thinks no man will ever be good enough for her.  Wouldn’t THAT be a pleasure to deal with for the rest of your life?!

Camp Daddy Desertion

Pros:  Hard working and strong.  These women can be independent souls and yet  desperately want to share their lives with people they love .  They may have lived a difficult but interesting life and are not afraid to take chancesCan be dynamic as they may have watched a single mother support and raise a family all on her own.

Cons:  Often times these women have abandonment issues which can lead to a whole host of problems like super clinginess, intense jealousy, or even cheating in an attempt to feed their own self-worth.  The abandonment issues can make it difficult to get close to women in this camp.  These gals can also come off as cold and aloof and maybe afraid of getting close to someone.   AND if I ever meet a woman who deep down is a man-hater, I always assume she’s from this group!

Camp Momma Madonna

Pros:  I love this group!  I have found that men in this camp often LOVE women.  They may have the ability to appreciate dainty details about a woman, like the smell of her hair, or the way she shuffles off to the powder room first thing in the morning.  In my experience, they are generally respectful of women and a pleasure to be around.

Cons:  These men LOVE women, which can lead also lead to running around chasing lots of them.  It may also cause them to continually look for something better, since no one can quite measure up to the dream in their head, which leads right back to Mom… and believe me, it’s no fun at all never being good enough.

Camp Alpha Male

Pros:  This can also be a fun group to be around, as these guys tend to me really manly men.  They can be the strong silent types…  The power guys, money makers and the ones who wear badges and guns.  This can really give a girl a sense of security, and being safe in her man’s arms.  I think this group is also often drawn to hobbies like weight lifting, so you have the added benefit of plenty of muscles to caress!  😉

Cons:  I have found that this group may have a general lack of respect for women, and all the things that makes us softer and more concerned about feelings and relationships.  I have also seen an ambivalence there though.  It can be as though they want a woman there to have their needs met but on the other hand is inconsiderate of her.  I have met quite a few abusers in this category as that disrespect coupled with anger can lead to domestic violence.  Last time I lived with a man from this camp, I often felt like I lived with some who hated me.  It was miserable, and even if he had all the money and power in the world, it couldn’t have made it worth it.

Now keep in mind, these categories are just at the root of people’s personality.  We move and grow and are changed by our experiences and our environments.  Not to mention that through personal growth we can get to a more healthy place, or we can get more intense in a negative way.  I do think, however, that at the bones of it all, these camps exist.

I come from Camp Daddy Desertion.  I admit, I have grappled with plenty of issues, but I’ve also made a concerted effort at personal growth.  I know I’m in a very healthy place right now.  Because I was born in this camp, I tend to be attracted to the men from the Camp Alpha Male.  I guess we have something in common.  I think I tend to be attracted to the controllers and alpha male personalities because somewhere in my twisted psyche I’m looking for that Father figure. 

Oddly enough, my greatest love (so far), the one I was the most crazy in love with….  was from Camp Momma Madonna.  He’s a bit ladies man and certainly NOT an alpha male personality.  I find it SO curious that I could be so madly in love with someone who is almost the opposite of the type of man I was usually attracted to.  I can’t say I ever really figured out why that is…  but I can say that I’m doing my best to knock on doors at Camp Momma Madonna from now on!

Good luck in your own adventures, readers!  Enjoy the journey, but in the end, I hope you find a guy from the camp that is perfect for you!

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