Dear Mr. Compliments, STOP texting me!

Dear Mr. Compliments,

I must say that although I enjoy receiving your “Good Morning, Beautiful” texts nearly every day, I still feel like I dodged a bullet getting away from you.

In the beginning when we were talking I told you how crucial it is to me that my partner talk to me and let me in emotionally.  I had a completely cold emotionally unavailable ex-husband and I will never again live with a man who pretends things are ok when they are not, and tells me nothing of his life, or his thoughts, let alone his feelings. 

I saw the first red flag with your name on it when I asked you who you talk to when you need to talk and you said “no one.”  I took a breath and explained why that is a problem for me.  It means that you are not sharing your inner self with anyone.  Maybe you don’t have the raging desire to be connected to people like I do, but either way there is not one person on this Earth your are really letting in. At least, that’s what that answer said to me.  “But I’ll talk to you!” you replied in a hurry, and I thought, maybe for a little while when you are on your best behavior but once we get into a relationship and you become comfortable you’ll revert back to your true self. 

Even then, when on your best behavior and making sure you are talking to me, you will be doing it out of a sense of obligation– not because you want to share.

I wanted to believe you, so we pressed on and had that horrible Skype date jammed full of awkward silences, mostly on your side.  So after that I didn’t hear from you much.  I think I got two of those “Good Morning, Beautiful” texts in a several week period, and I did not reply.

Then… I suppose you thought it over and concocted a plan to get a response.  Like a child, you apparently felt that even a negative response was better than no response at all.  SO, one day you sent a text that said “If you didn’t want to talk to me then why the fxxk did you start again?  That’s just fxxxing rude!”

I thought “what just happened here?” and then replied “Did you really just send me that?  Lose my number.”

Now is where the plan really kicks in to high gears as you sent text messages asking “send what” and then “OMG that wasn’t mean for you.  I’m sorry.” 

Well, I’M sorry your little game of manipulation didn’t work for you.  Just who exactly was it meant for?  You happen to know some other girl who stopped talking to you then started again and then didn’t reply to your messages?  Even still, apparently you are the type of person who lashes out with nasty words and manipulation to accomplish a result in a personal relationship and I want nothing to do with a man like that.

Best of luck to you, Mr. Compliments, but please hear me when I say…  Take NO for an answer and stop texting me!!

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