WHY Am I Reading This?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Allure magazine  published a beauty survey recently and I came across it today.  I enjoyed reading that our country has changed it’s perspective on what is beautiful and moved away from the classic all American blond of Christie Brinkley of 20 years ago t0 the edgy look of Angelina Jolie.  I think it shows more acceptance and appreciation for unique features… I mean, who really has lips like that anyway?  Very few, I’m sure.. without collagen that is.

I’m glad we have broadened our horizons and opened our minds to include also more people of mixed races, etc. 

BUT the whole age thing is really working against us.  Survey participants noted the ideal age for beauty (for men and woman) to be several years less than they did 20 yrs ago.

That’s just depressing.  There is really nothing you can do about your age, except stay in shape and take good care of yourself.  You can’t stop time.

And then I thought… WHY am I reading this??  Beauty magazines like this are just a scourge of society, making even level headed women like me think we must be flawless to be beautiful.  The ads are the worst culprits! Showing women air brushed and lit to perfection.

This is NOT reality, people–  I even had to remind myself of this!  It’s powerful stuff. 

But what about men in our society?  Are they out there just floundering in the dating world wondering why they can’t find a woman of substance that also happens to look like a Victoria’s Secret model?    (I’ll tell you a little secret guys… even those women don’t actually look that way.  Thank you digital editing!)

Life & Style magazine recently published an article titled “I Have Cellulite, So What” featuring Kim Cartesian.  She is a gorgeous curvy woman and she said “Ya, I have cellulite.  What curvy woman doesn’t?”

It’s a shame that people are so quick to point out the flaws that there’s even a website kardashiancellulite.com! 

Is this just a stunt to make money and sell magazines or are individuals trying to comfort themselves by in effect saying “SEE SEE… she’s NOT perfect” because the truth is NONE of us are perfect? 

I was refreshed to her UNTOUCHED bikini photos.  I thought, see, she’s a real woman with her bikini a bit too tight and apparently a bit of  cellulite.  (but I didn’t see any)

Who cares??  Isn’t she beautiful just the way she is?  She said “I love my body like this” and I say “RAH RAH Kim!”

I also want to give kudos to Teri Hatcher, who earlier this year, posted a video of herself on youtube.com with NO makeup and her hair still wet right out of the shower.  Then she went on Oprah and talked the make up and the lighting and her own insecurities.  Right on, girls!  Keep rockin’ reality– girl power!

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