It Comes In Waves!

So here I am just working and trying to buy a house, playing with my kids… Doing my thing, ya know.  I have been keeping in touch with a few people and emailing or texting back and forth, but I’m not out there trying to make anything happen. 

Next thing you know.. BAM!  Everyone wants to show up at once!  It seems to never be just steady… It’s like all or nothing in my dating life! 

I have really been hitting it off with The Super Sexy MMA fighter.  We talked three nights in a row when the kid’s were at their Dad’s.  Two hours, then another two hours, then an hour.  He’s really fantastic!  He stays up past 11 PM until I get off work so we can talk.  He loves to hear about my day.  He’s just a sweet man, and outgoing and funny.  We are really connecting.

So, we were SUPPOSED to have our first date on the first of May.  With work and kids and him living an hour and a half away.. that was the first day we could make work.

Well, I have also been keeping in touch with Red the Engineer.  Now, Red has been working 8 hours away and was due to drive through on his way back home (also an hour and a half away, but a different town than The MMA fighter lives in) on May first.  Of course!  Why wouldn’t it be the first?!  ugh!

Then there’s the Senior Soft Spoken.  This guy lives about three and a half hours away.  We’ve been emailing and chatted once.  I was struck by how soft and calm his voice way.  It didn’t seem to really match his emails.  So, Senior Soft Spoken has vacation this week and was also wanting to drive over on the first! 

For a moment I wasn’t sure what to do…  However, now due to a death in our small town, my ex will be busy and it turns out I’ll have my kids the night of the first after all. 

What the heck??  I haven’t had a date in I don’t know how long, and now it’s all hitting me at once?!  Well, I talked Senior Soft Spoken into coming over on Friday the 29th.  I should also be getting keys to my house that day, but I figure I’ll make it work.  We will have lunch while the kid’s are at school. 

I am going to drive up to see Red the Engineer on the following tuesday… and I still have to reschedule with the Super Sexy MMA Fighter.

I would also like to mention that all three of these guys are ALL like six foot three!  How do I keep meeting men so freakin’ tall?  I mean, seriously, I am UNDER five foot…  So, I figure it’s gonna look goofy, but honestly, my heart doesn’t care how tall he is.  Plus, one of my greatest loves was about that height.  We made it work, and it wasn’t as awkward as you might think. 

So, why the wave?  I can’t understand it.  It has nothing to do with how much exposure my online profile is getting.  I mean, I hid those profiles weeks ago.  Plus, it’s not just those three.  Mr. Cool called me from out of the blue today.  We parted ways as he’s in a relationship with another woman.  She’s gone for a little while, but will return for another six weeks here soon.  I’m not even really sure what he wants, but I know when I heard his voice on my voice-mail it was like a shot of adrenaline.  He asked me to play pool and I said I would.  I’ll be doing that the day before I go meet Red the Engineer.  Ugh!  I’m running close to overload…

OH, and The Defense Attorney I met on Plenty of Freaks some time ago has started texting me again.  Thank goodness for my own sanity… he is out of state and planning to move back here but hasn’t done it yet.

Here I am just minding my own business… 

I have also noticed that I have been talking to all these guys for several weeks and just now we are making plans to meet.  I’m wondering why that is… Maybe I’ll find out when I meet them in person.

The most exciting thing is… I have really been connecting (mostly through email or texting) with all of them.  That’s fabulous!  BUT, I have learned, you can only really tell IN PERSON.

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