The SUPER Sexy MMA Fighter

Can I first say that this guy is NOTHING like I would have imagined him to be.  He’s not all tatted up and looking like an angry sleazy ex-con ultimate fighter.

He loves kids and animals and looks like a guy who swings a hammer.  Which he does.  That’s his day job.  He’s also 25.  That’s 9 years younger than me, which sort of makes me a little nervous.  Although, one of the greatest loves of my life was a man 11 years younger.

Despite the age difference, we seem to be in very similar places in life…. working, seeing our kids, dealing with custody arrangements.   He’s also sort of a cowboy from what I can tell.  That’s interesting.  Although I think that style can be VERY sexy.. I have never been in a relationship with that type before.  It intrigues me very much.   

So, Super Sexy and I have sort of been making small talk via text message off and on for several months now and suddenly out of the blue–  (well, it seemed out of the blue to me) He’s says “I’m interested” and then proceeds to start a game of 20 questions– or however many.  I suppose there are really no rules in the dating type question game. (which I LOVE by the way and highly recommend.  Great tool for getting to know someone!)

It was SO much fun and I love that he had lots of questions.  I also love that he surprised me over and over again.  What uber masculine former bull rider competitive mixed martial arts fighter do you know that loves romantic comedies??  I’m in heaven!

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  1. ★★★★★

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