The Peter Out and Procrastination

I have yet to break it off with The Hunky Mechanic.  I also recently watched a new show called “Happy Endings”… and they talked about “The Peter Out”…  Ya know, like purposely not putting any effort to wards a relationship and then it just peters out.  Well, I guess that’s what I was trying to do, or maybe I have just been procrastinating.  I don’t know.  Either way, it didn’t work out in the show and I don’t know how well it actually works in real life either. 

It feels very awkward to have to even broach the subject as we have only had ONE luke warm date this time around. 

So, I just hadn’t spoken to the Mechanic.  It ended up being well over a week, and a week is HUGE in the age of text messaging, cell phones, email and Facebook… especially since I’m someone who basically has my phone glued to my hand.

Capt. Amazing, my Bestie, and I met just before New Years and I don’t think we have gone more than about 2 days without communicating in some form or another…  We are both that way though.  We both need to touch base with people on a daily basis and we naturally click.  So, it’s easy.

BUT, not a word from the Mechanic in over a week and as much as I’d like to completely blame it on him, the fact is, I have thumbs.  lol.  I could have texted him but I gave up.  After I sent him a message trying to communicate in a meaningful way and I felt like he didn’t want to hear what was going on with me and only asked out of some bizarre sense of obligation… I gave up.  Then, despite it feeling really awkward, I attempted to communicate this feeling that he just doesn’t give a crap and doesn’t want to hear what’s going on with me.  His response…  “Well, I guess my communication skills are lacking.”

What?!  That’s all you have to say?!  Not even an “I really AM interested” or “I’m sorry” or even “Get BENT, your stories suck!”  something, anything!

So after that response I gave up.  I don’t to have to fucking teach someone to communicate!    I believe if you care about someone then you want to share with them.  That person is just naturally on your mind. 

OK, I understand that may not be true for everyone but that is the type of man I want to be with!  That’s what I need to have for someone to be a lover and a friend.  And I don’t think you can teach that.  

I am considering just sending a text that reads “I think it’s fair to say this isn’t working.”  Maybe, or maybe not.  Perhaps I’ll bring my car into his shop tomorrow and talk to him.   My thought is that he has got to be feeling the same way, or he’d have been more active in trying to talk to me, right?

It’s such an awkward, uncomfortable situation.  I supposed I could tell him what I wrote here.  That seems like the more honorable thing to do, I guess.. talk to him in person.  BUT, then again, it seems like he doesn’t give a crap so why bother???  I don’t know.

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