The Dating Pool

I was running at the park today and I caught a glimpse of the dating pool –all jammed together on a rugby field.  You see there were some guys that seemed to be having some kind of inter mural rugby team practice and I stood on the hill looking down and laughing.  THIS is what I have to work with! 

There was a VERY young guy.  Nope!  There was a really heavy guy.  Ugh!  He could hardly keep up with the others running the field.  They were doing some kind of drill running in a line and supposed to be passing the ball to the left or right and this guy’s teammates were having to basically throw it behind them to him… But hey, at least he’s out there DOIN’ IT!  He was out on the field running his big ol’ heart out and I have to give kudos for that!

The guy that caught my attention the most just about made me literally laugh out loud!  He was very attractive, and in good shape.  Medium billed, chiseled face (I saw him running the trail later on) but he was wearing cammo shorts and a long sleeve button up shirt.  What the hell?  Why on earth would he be wearing that?   That made absolutely no sense!  It was as if he lost his pants and that just happened to be what was underneath. 

As I stood watching, I noticed the vehicles in the parking lot.  Big truck, big truck, very red neck truck, a Honda that should have died a decade ago, an  SUV and another redneck ride.  Like I said… THIS is what I have to work with here in my tiny little town.  It’s no wonder I’ve been single for like TEN MONTHS!

There was also another really attractive guy, but I kid you not, he was wearing long johns with shorts OVER them.  Hey, maybe that’s a sign that these two fashionably misguided souls are single, as I don’t know any woman that would let her man leave the house wearing that!  Ha!!

I’m really not a shallow person that judges people on their outward appearance but I think your appearance can tell the world about you… just like I said previously about a person’s vehicle.  AND I recently heard that although love is blind, first we lust with our eyes. 

Now, obviously, Mr. Plaid Shirt is not concerned with fashion, and maybe he’s been out of the working out routine for a long time and didn’t have any workout clothes.  I don’t know.  It was just a situation that struck me as funny… Hilarious actually.  It’s no wonder that all the men I have found interesting lately do NOT live here!

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