Sexy and Sensible

So… I test drove a minivan.  I know, I know– I’m so NOT a minivan kinda woman!  But I was having all these uber practical thoughts about how it could haul stuff and my kids could brings friends along and stuff.

Well, it was horrible!!  Just horrible, I tell you!  I felt like I was floating along the road in a blimp with “Boring Soccer Mom” stamped on my forehead in giant letters!  I mean–  here I am in my “come and get me” boots flirting my tail off with the salesman and driving this ridiculous self-esteem destroyer on wheels.

No, I couldn’t do it!  I didn’t buy it.  I refuse to trade fun and sexy for practicality anymore.  No way!  I think about all the time we spend in our cars and I seriously believe a persons vehicle is an extension of who they are.  In a way, it tells the world what is important to you.

Me–  I want to really LIVE!  To chase dreams and laugh and love—  to drive fast and enjoy the ride!

NOPE, I parked that van and bought myself a super sexy new and shiny Dodge Charger.  It is one sexy car!  BUT, not ridiculous.  I didn’t completely throw good sense out the window.  It’s a 4 door with plenty of room for kids.  No HEMI V-8.  I don’t need it and the thought of eating that much gas terrifies me!

I got myself a sexy and sensible (like me!) V6, that’s a whole lot of fun!

I haven’t had a fun car like this since before the kids.  It’s as though having children put this little cricket on my shoulder –only instead of being my conscious, he randomly tells me that I must be practical about EVERYTHING and give up on the fun.  Damn cricket lectures me whenever my wild spirit starts sneaking out.  Thank God he doesn’t always win!

This time I brushed that little bastard off my shoulder and listened to my heart.  You only get one life–  get out there and live it!!

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