Skype Date with Mr. Compliments

That was BY FAR the most frustrating date I have ever had!!!  Earlier in the day I was setting up my webcam and it wasn’t registering.  I ended up having to buy a new one.  I got it working but then the speakers wouldn’t work, and Mr. Compliments couldn’t figure out how to work his. 

So, I asked if he had Yahoo messenger.  He said he did but it turned out he didn’t.   He has a Yahoo email account and I guess he thought that was the same thing.  Nope!  So we logged in to Plenty of Freaks, where we met and chatted on there but no webcam option.

Finally I told him to check his Yahoo email and there should be an “invitation” in there from me where he could download Yahoo Messenger.  Which he did, but then I couldn’t see the messages in my box.  I had to restart the computer.  Finally, I could see what he was typing and he could see me on webcam, but messenger said his webcam was not connected and he couldn’t figure out how to fix it.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We ended up making a video call on the computer, but I still couldn’t see him.  So, he got to watch my webcam and I watched myself on webcam.

Well, Mr. Compliments is an interesting character.  He has an ebay store where he sells jewelry.  A few years ago he was pulling in twice what I make, but now he’s struggling to keep enough products in stock and doesn’t have the money to make a large investment in his inventory which sounds like what he needs to do.  He sounds like a pretty active person.  He often works 12 hour days and hates to stay in bed past seven.  All good signs, but I still didn’t feel like our conversation was really flowing at all. 

Why is it so hard for me to connect with people these  day?  Friendship or relationship wise.  I just feel like I am not connecting.  At one time in my life I was dating The Writer who is one of my soul mates in life, and I had my Mom and my best girl BFF– I was really connecting with all of them and it was fantastic!  Now, he’s moved away, and I moved out of the girl BFFs town and even though I’m not that far away it feels like I moved to another country!

I am feeling… lonely.  Yep.  I definitely feel lonely.  What people crave most in the world is connection and I just don’t have it.  Maybe I need to make more of an effort to spend time with anyone I meet that I click with.  Hmmm, who would that be in this ridiculous little town?

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