Mr. Off Limits

It’s 12:36 at night and I am up flirting my ass off with Mr. Off Limits.  Now, I call him Mr. Off Limits because he works for the same company as my ex.  They know each other but I wouldn’t say they were friends… even still, in both my eyes and his.. this means we are off limits.

However, we have been exploring the boundaries, shall we say.   I have seen him in person before but it’s been years.  We stumbled upon each other on line.   He’s SO super hott.  Stocky muscular body builder, complete with great job, motorcycle and zany personality!  He’s a hott ticket!

He also seems rather inexperienced when it comes to sex.  He has a sexual “bucket list” a mile long!  He’s in his early to mid thirties and yet he swears he’s never had a “friend with benefits”.  He even said he’s never had a friend who was a girl have a crush on him when he didn’t feel the same.   It’s a unique yin and yang to his personality.  I like it.  It fascinates me.

Right now we are having a discussion about “Friends with Benefits” and he is convinced that he could swing it, if the opportunity came along.  I don’t know.  I think he’d be the first to fall in love.   That would be my worry for me…   If I put in time and effort and things were going well– I’d grow some feelings, I know it.   Unless I just didn’t like him all that much.  & Mr. Off Limits isn’t like my BFF or anything.  hmmm

Plus,  if I am friends with a man and enjoying his company and sleeping with him– why would I not want to at least try to have a relationship with him?  Unless there is some glaring reason like he can’t hold a job or something.  I don’t know why I wouldn’t at least give it a go. 

OH, he is at the point of all but out right asking me to be the FWB (friend w/ benefits).  I am playing dumb.  Truth is though, if I was at his house, or vice versa.. It’s a freakin’ small town.  Word would get around, and probably very quickly. 

Well, I have wondered how long we are going to do this dance before one of us says… SCREW IT>.. who cares!  Your ex will just have to deal with it!  Lol… maybe never, but he’s a fun distraction for now.

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  1. Do it! That sounds exciting, and ex will get over it 🙂

    • SO glad I didn’t do it. This guys has the emotional depth of a puddle! Everytime I attempt to talk about anything other than sex, or sex… he changes the subject back to sex. Dude, I may be pretty but I’m no play thing. It’s just you and your hand tonight!

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