So, there was this guy…

Recently I had an avalanche of messages.  There were two guys that I was really digging and having great conversation with, and there were others…  One in particular has been on my mind an awful lot the last few days. 

He’s a guy that I have never met in person.  We have messaged, and texted, and talked on the phone once.  He’s a good lookin’ small town guy, but what really stands out about him are the compliments.   He was always popping up with a “good morning, beautiful”,  “where have you been all my life” or “wow, you’re gorgeous and you know how to fish!” —  I found it slightly odd since he doesn’t really know me but now that I’ve told him I am back with the Hunky Mechanic and I’m not getting those messages… I really miss them.

My concern with Mr. Compliments was that he wouldn’t be communicative.  You see, once I asked him who he talks to when he needs to talk and he said “no one.”  That seemed odd to me, but then again maybe he doesn’t have anyone to talk to.  I don’t know.  I have been thinking about him though… and one other guy that also seemed quite infatuated with me and told me he had been waiting for me.   I’m sure it’s because that is something that is HUGELY lacking in my —situation (I don’t even want to call it a relationship) with the Mechanic. 

I’ve considered just sending him a text.  No harm in talking right?  I haven’t done it though.

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  1. Do it. The mechanic doesn’t deserve you.

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