Planning the Second Date with the Hunky Mechanic

I am supposed to be planning the second date with the Hunky Mechanic and I am not enthusiastic.  It’s now freezing cold in my little mid-western town..  We could drive to the city and do something.   I have the entire day after noon open and he’s not working but I know how he is and I don’t expect we are going to laugh like crazy or talk for hours because we are connecting so well. 

So, I don’t feel like going very far.  I’m thinking something we can do in this small town on a Sunday.. like bowling or a movie.  If we go to a movie I’ll have atleast two hours not having to hear about deer hunting or 4-wheeling.  Isn’t that terrible?

I’m very sensitive to other people’s auras and his disinterest is sticky.. It’s clinging on to me and I can’t shake it off.  Plus, why did he put this all on me?

We just don’t have that spark, that chemistry that makes you think you’ve found a soul mate and I want that so badly.  Trying to plan something where I don’t have to talk to him sounds like a nightmare.  I feel like having a drink so I don’t care so much that he’s so disinterested… but he doesn’t drink.  blah!!!!

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