The Super Sexy MMA Fighter

So, the Super Sexy MMA (mixed martial arts) Fighter is sort of a friend of mine.    I started talking to him on Plenty Of Freaks a while ago.  Eventually we exchanged numbers and started texting.  He’s is hot hot hot… but I don’t know a whole lot about him at this point.  He’s over 6 foot with short medium brown hair and a trim athletic body.  The definition in his muscles peaks out subtly through his tanned skin.  He doesn’t look like a hoodlum.  He doesn’t look the way I would expect an MMA fighter to look.  He looks like a young single Dad…

What I do know is that he’s a Dad.  He’s younger than I am, and he works construction as his day job.  He lives a good hour and a half or so away from me, so we haven’t met yet. 

I also know that when I texted him to tell him I was getting back with the Hunky Mechanic, he immediately asked if we could still talk.  That was kinda rad.  I said “yes..  I’m allowed to have friends” and left it at that. 

I also know that until today he had a prepaid cell phone, which always makes me suspicious.  I sold cell phones for several years and if someone is carrying a burn phone, there is always a reason.  I’ve seen guys who have a phone for the mistress.  I’ve seen crazy people that are too paranoid to sign a contract and also (mostly) people who either can’t pass the credit check or don’t have a steady income to pay a monthly bill.  No good options there!

Ahh.  So, I’ll keep talking.  I have found that most of the singles I’ve been talking to are fairly solitary and maybe a little lonely.  No harm in making a friend.  We can bond over stories of the horrible dates we’ve had.  ha!!

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  1. You’ve sure got a lot of males sniffing around your doorstep! Can’t even imagine that kind of dating life. When I started online dating I found I had to send 40, that’s four-zero emails to get one rejection! All other 39 ignored me, couldn’t be bothered to respond. Which is why, for a man, I believe online dating might work if we lived to 800-1000 years, but at this rate?

    I have a prepaid cell phone for a simple reason. I use it so rarely it’s considerably cheaper than being on a plan. I rarely get phone calls at all. And since dogs can’t dial, no one needs to reach me while at work. A friend of mind gave me a used cell phone some years back and when my mom was in ICU, I decided to activate it, otherwise I’d be without.

    • I think a cell phone is crucial in the dating world these days. I’m sorry you had to send 40 emails to get even one reply. Ya, it’s rough for guys. I just put together what I felt was a very good non-trashy profile, went out looking to meet new and interesting people.

      It’s an odd thing but I’ve always had a lot of men in my atmosphere. I’m quite outgoing and have never had any nervousness talking to the oposite sex. Grew up with lots of uncles and male cousins I guess. Then serving in the military where I was often the only woman around, I came to quite appreciate the friendship of men. I find them much simpler and more direct. Less drama, more genuine.

  2. Now I feel like shit for having a pre-paid mobile lmao.Irony is,where I’m at now(in the Caribbean),almost no one has a post paid plan.Prepaid by default here(IDK why).But I can see it looking shadey to have such a plan in the states or anywhere else where post-paid is the norm.Well,maybe Mr.MMA isn’t bf material lmao.

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