In Like Flinn!

So, I have decided that I am IN for another go with The Hunky Mechanic! 

He had a terrific story the other day.  He was out tooling around in the woods with his buddies when they drive past a pickup truck and see a glaring white butt in the driver’s side window just going to town!  He was disappointed that his horn wasn’t working so they rolled on.  When they had to stop later to air up the tires, who do they see but a couple of teenage kids driving out in the pickup.  As the truck rolls by the driver sees The Mechanic and his buddies standing in the headlights offering a standing ovation!  His passenger was not thrilled as she tried desperately to hide her face!

Great story!  That’s important to me.  I love to hear people’s stories.  I’m a very communicative person, and great stories are a terrific way to learn about the people in your life.

This story was very encouraging.  It made me laugh and showed The Hunky Mechanic can actually communicate.

So, we actually had “the talk” which was slightly awkward and pretty much consisted of him asking me if I wanted to give it another shot.  I replied “Yesss”…  We chatted a little more and before I climbed into my car I went up to him to get a kiss.  I got a tiny peck.  Have I mentioned I’m also a very affectionate person and LOVE pda?   (public displays of affection).  The Mechanic however, is guarded with his pda and I gave him a pass on the peck since he was at work… even though there was NO ONE else around.

He reminded me of a little package we had purchased together while on our travels.  A fun little adventure kit for the bedroom.  He said he’d never used it.  It just didn’t feel right.  So, I was once again excited since I had kind of forgotten he was a little freaky in bed.  Ding ding, two more points!

I am feeling so excited about this whole thing…  This morning, however, did not start off so well.  I didn’t get a “good morning” text from him, which I think is a little weird.  I had sent him a good morning the last two days and I always get one from my bestie.  So, I stopped by his shop on my way to work to say hello.  Once again we were alone in the shop and chatted and I wrapped my arms around him.  We talked about hanging out tomorrow night and some of the stress he’s feeling running his business. 

As I left, it dawned on me…  There was such a lack of enthusiasm!  A complete lack of enthusiasm!  I showed up there looking SO hott and he didn’t even blink, let along offer any sort of compliment.  Chris Rock once said that women need three things to survive… food, water, and compliments.  Well, as much as I hate to admit it, it’s true!  It’s been just a few days since closing doors on other dating prospects and already I’m starving for a compliment.  Even a “hello beautiful” greeting would have been sufficient.  “You look great” or “I”m really excited for tomorrow night”… something, anything!  THIS is why I never understood why he said he was in love with me.  There’s no enthusiasm.

It’s all coming back to me now.  It was just the same when we were together before… as much effort as I made to make him feel good… give him little nicknames, bring him a tree for his shop during Christmas, include him in our Christmas morning festivities, pop over with coffee.   He never showed much enthusiasm or let me know how much I meant to him.

I want someone who is crazy about me!  I want to be with someone who just can’t wait to get his hands on me and kiss me like crazy!  Who tells me I’m beautiful and sweet and smart and amazing… and I want to do the same for him without feeling like it will make him uncomfortable! 

It’s been days, and there has been plenty of opportunities and yet I still haven’t even gotten a real kiss!

So, now I guess we get to have this talk AGAIN.  I know I tried to talk to him about this last time around… but you can’t inject someone with enthusiasm.  I tried going down the road being the excited one, hoping it would be contagious and he would catch it.  No such luck.

Well, I’ll be seeing him tomorrow and my plan is to tell him “I want someone who’s crazy about me and thinks I’m beautiful, incredible, and  can’t get me out of his head!  So, if you feel that way PLEASE let me see it!  If not, then maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”  I’m also NOT going to move things along.  I’m NOT going to kiss him first tomorrow night.  I’ll cook and talk and tell him how I feel but that is IT.  He’s going to have to show some motivation and effort.  Still, I don’t know if that’s even possible.  What if he’s just NOT that kind of person?  Maybe he’s just not wired like that.

Just a couple of days ago he sent a text saying “I can’t stop thinking about you”.  (BTW guys, that is without question one of the BEST things you can say to a girl!)  And now, just a few days later all I get is short replies to any questions I happen to text him?   Well, that was quick!  What the hell is going on?

Why can’t he show me this?  Does he just not feel it?  I just closed doors with at least two different men who had that whole crazy about me, think I’m incredible thing going on and I hadn’t even met them in person yet!

Even if communication is a skill a person can learn, and he can uncork the top on his enthusiasm…  When things get stressful, people resort to their natural tendencies… like to become quiet and closed off. 

I am trying my best not to be guarded.  I actually consider myself a very open person, but it’s like I am trying to force the kind of banter that Captain Amazing and I have naturally.  It doesn’t work like that.  You can’t force it.  So, either I have to talk to him about it and see how things go… or just bail. 

I really don’t want to bail but the truth is, it’s better to get out as soon as you know…. before you are up to your neck in feelings and relationship and stuff.  I don’t want to have the cry again like last time.

Well, first things first… talk to The Hunky Mechanic and tell him what I want.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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