It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

Wow, the men are coming out of the woodwork.  It’s all I can do to manage the messages!  You see, I think I discovered something.  My favorite site, Plenty Of Fish, is activity based.  I am finding that the more I’m on there, the more messages I get.  I think the site gives your profile more exposure the more you are on there. 

SO now I have a couple guys I’ve really been talking with and a couple more that think I’m AMAZING even though we haven’t met in person….  and none of them live here.  Small towns stink. 

Not only that, but I knew this was going to happen since I’ve been thinking about getting back with The Hunky Mechanic.  Isn’t that always the way?  The minute you get something going…  people come from all over.  I even had a guy message me that I haven’t talked to in several years!

It is, however, making my brain work really hard about the whole Hunky Mechanic situation.  He’s been messaging me today but I still don’t really know how he sees me or why he ever felt  he was in love with me.  I guess I’d better ask him.

I want to find my BEST friend and lover… someone who makes me laugh and wants what I want AND thinks I’m amazing and vice versa.  Will I have that?… Can I have that with The Hunky Mechanic?  Or maybe that is one of the other men virtually standing in front of me?

When it comes to dating, timing is everything.   So, if I bail now and get back with the Hunky Mechanic… I’ll naturally stop talking to the others.  But, I am becoming exhausted. 

Just as I figured with a few of the men I’d been talking to… they are fading away.  One just doesn’t have the funds to take a two hour road trip to come and see me.  One isn’t a communicator either, but he thinks I’m amazing.  Still, he lives a good hour and a half or more away.  I’m not sure how much that matters since he is more than willing to make the drive.

I hid my profile… that’s step one.  I’m going to close some doors with those I know aren’t a match and let the others fade.  Let the cream rise to the top!

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