The Over Invested Guy from Work

So far I have done very well in not getting my bread and butter at the same place.  I can see how awkward it would be to have a bad date with someone you have to work with.  

However, while perusing I found a guy right here in my little town.  He’s a little older than me and has red hair.  If you remember, readers, I’m a fool for red heads. 

So, I send him a wink and when he replies back I realize I know who he is.  He works for a company that does business with us.  He doesn’t work directly in my office but I’ve seen him through there a few times and he never noticed me… not even a little bit.

Still, he seems excited and we set up a lunch.  Now, my life is crazy full of kids and work and little leagues… just for a start.  So, we talk on the phone one evening and I mention our date “tomorrow”.  Well, that was my mistake.  We had actually set the date up for Friday, and it was in my phone as Friday but when I said tomorrow I was mixed up and tomorrow was actually Thursday.

Mr. Over Invested noticed this and yet never said a word, so the next day I get a call and it’s Mr. Over Invested saying he’s been waiting.  What??!! I think.  I thought our date was friday… That’s when he confesses that not only did he not say anything when he noticed my mistake, but he also has been waiting there for 40 minutes!  He sat there for 40 minutes before texting or calling to see what the problem was!  Who does that??!!!  Seriously!

So I get up and throw some clothes on, feeling so bad for being horribly late but also racing thoughts over why he never said a word and how he has sat there for so long waiting.

Finally I get to the restaurant, no make up but otherwise looking fine.  We chat for a long time about work and previous workplace drama in the office I now work in.  He attempts to explain his very complicated technical job to me and I nod and smile.  I have no interest in this what so ever, but I’m polite.  He’s less attractive than I remember, with squinty eyes and a beer belly on his small frame. 

He has also had quite a bit of dating drama which included chasing his girlfriend through town as she followed his ex-girlfriend in a blind rage.  He even ended up having to call the police.  This surprises me since he seems like  a solid regular guy but hey, I’ve had my share of dating drama.  Luckily, however, mine never included a chase through town or having the police come to my house.

Now, I knew as soon as I figured out who he was, that there was no chemistry there.  Really, no attraction at all, but I didn’t want to be rude.  This seems to be a recurring theme for me, not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings and then ending up doing it anyway.

We ended the date and there was a very awkward hug.  He asked about a second date and I stalled, saying I would call him.  I am incredibly busy, but I was really trying to buy myself time to figure out what to say to him.

Turns out I procrastinated it too long.  Finally, after a couple weeks I send him a text just to make sure that door is closed, and he completely goes OFF!  He texts back that after a month (it was NOT a month) of no contact I text him to tell him I’m not physically attracted to him!  (I did not say that!)  He goes on and about how that is cruel and I’m not a nice person, etc.

Really???   Are you THAT invested in this situation?  Are you so wrapped up in the one screwed up lunch we had that you’re pissed off now?  (roll my eyes)

I was shocked!  This is nothing like what I had seen of him so far, and now I can definitely see how the chase throw town and police involvement could have happened!  Wow, I dodged a bullet there!  I apologized, which was a mistake because once again he sent back a venomous text… so I just left it alone.

The technicality that he doesn’t actually work in my office hasn’t made much difference.  Now, if he is there for any reason, or even calls over… I can feel the disdain through the phone line or across the room.  Well, lesson learned, don’t date people from work… and lesson #2, if you are going to let someone down easy, you better do it quick!

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