Lunch with the Magnificent Mr. Cool

I got to the restaurant first.  I always seem to do that for some reason, and then I’m left standing there looking around the restaurant.  At least this time I was looking for someone I had seen in person before.  I tell the waitress I am waiting for someone and she seats me near the window. 

I see him walking toward the door and I want to jump out of my seat.  He walks with a sense of purpose and urgency, taking long strides with his tall lean legs.  I take a breath and tap on the glass with one finger.  He doesn’t see me and marches straight in to the restaurant. 

I get up to give him a hug and he rewards me with the huge enthusiastic smile he carries in his pocket.  He’s so alive.  He’s like a live wire, opinionated and loud, rambunctious and fun.  Everything feels like an adventure with him, even just a simple lunch at a local diner.

This is not our second date.  We have had a few by this time and I have endured meddling co-workers telling me how they did not like my date at the Christmas party.  Even one of my girlfriends, who sat right next to him, thought he was obnoxious and rude.  Funny, obnoxious was a word I heard more than once after that night and yet I was sitting right next to him and I found him charming and exciting. 

I brushed off my co-workers nosy opinions.  I did listen intently to that girlfriend of mine for why she despised him.  I learned a long time ago not to ignore the opinions of people who care about you.  I was wondering if there was something I was missing about him.  After hearing her rant I decided, nope…  there’s nothing I’m missing.  I was sitting right there the entire time and I thought he was fabulous.  I smiled at my girl and said “well, I guess that’s how I like ’em!”

He sits down across from me and reaches a hand across the table to steal a touch.  We chat easily and look at the menu as the waitress strolls over with her eyes fixed on Mr. Cool.  Several things are going through my mind at this point.  I know the age difference is quite obvious, and also he is very attractive and charismatic.  I watch him and the waitress.  I realize she is openly flirting with him, probably not thinking I was his date, yet he was completely oblivious to her attention.  He didn’t even notice her attraction to him, which was a welcome little treat!

In his fun silly way he attempts to sort of blow kisses at me across the table…  then he has to explain his move, which makes me giggle and say “why don’t I come over there and get a real kiss?”  So I get out of my side of the booth, go around and put a knee on his side.  I take his face in my hands and kiss him deeply.  “Ha!” I thought, “I wonder if the waitress saw that!”

I didn’t think it was a very sexy move at the time but he seemed charmed by it, and that made me shine.

Mr. Cool looks pleasantly surprised, as if he expected me to be more shy than that.  We have a pleasant lunch and I get to surprise him once again as he’s paying the check and the waiter says “you guys doing anything fun today?”

“He came to see me,” I reply, “that’s FUN!”  Mr. Cool looks down at me with that same delighted expression.  Then we walk out into the sunlight and he has one hand on his phone checking stocks, and puts the other arm around me and pulls me close.  It’s not your over the shoulder kind of arm, but instead he drapes it down the side of my body as if to get as close to me as he can.

It’s still there, that fantastic chemistry from date number one.  This rare and amazing feeling of being drawn to someone and just wanting to wrap your body around them.  What a gift it is and just having an hour to be with him was wonderful in it’s self. 

Even more, there was no expectation.  He had places to go and so did I —  He just wanted to see me.   It seems that in dating there is so much expectation.  The expectation of what will happen on a second date, or what “steps” come next when you find someone you really like.  There was none of that today.  He wanted to be near me, and I felt the same.

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