Delightful Date #2 with Mr. Cool

I was still shining from the phenominal first date with Mr. Cool.  We had a mad chemistry right from the start.  It wasn’t anything logical really, more emotional.  It is just the way I felt around him, excited and comfortable at the same time.  Even that isn’t a good description.  It’s a kind of magic that you just can’t describe.

We have talked on the phone some and I  have to keep reminding myself, and him, that we really don’t know each other that well yet.  This chemistry just makes me want to jump in with both feet.   

He asks to see me again and wants to show me his property in a tiny town nearby.  I agree, but mentally prepare myself because the “let me cook you dinner” date can turn out to be a sexy date and I was determined not to let that happen.  I have walked that road before and have been told by several guy friends that going to bed too early will ruin things.  I think this is horse shit really, because it’s usually the guy who is pushing the issue and when the girl finally gives in… it changes how he feels?  Stupid but that’s a whole nother rant, and however ridiculous it may sound, I do think it’s true.

I go through the routine of trying on everything in my closet.  He has asked me to bring my snow boots so he can show me around the property but I don’t want to go over there looking frumpy.  Eventually, I find some skinny jeans and a cowl neck shirt that makes my eyes sparkle, and pair them up with my favorite knee high boots.  I figure I’ll take the snow boots along, but I am going to look good when he first sees me.

I wanted to bring a little something, but I don’t really know wines, and I knew I wouldn’t be drinking since I was driving home…  Then I remembered the chic silver ornament we had picked out together for Christie’s party.  I went back to the corner drug store and thankfully they had one left just like it.  Only one!  It was my lucky day. 

I really hoped he felt the same way about this sentimental little gift as I did.  It was a symbol of our fabulous first date, of the chemistry and laughter we shared the very first time we met.    I could go over like a rock, but I was willing to risk it.  We had emailed since that first date and I was certain he felt the same way I did.

So I punch his address into my faithful GPS (a must have for dating!) and head on down the road.  He’s a good 35 minute drive or more from my house and I’m really not sure what I’m going to see.  He’s a businessman, a salesman at heart who worked in real estate for a long time.  It could be a huge fortress of a home, I really don’t know. 

I round the curve to his house and see a beautiful rock wall lining the road on either side of the drive.  It’ s simple house from the outside, and there’s a garage and a barn. 

The garage makes sense as Mr. Cool grew up a car guy and can crank on an engine without even thinking about it.  It’s one of the things I really dig about him.  To see him gives me the impression of a charismatic broker in a suit, but there is this whole side of him that is also uber manly. 

He has a dominant personality, and was raised by a single Mom which gives him a huge respect for women.  He also came from nothing and never had anything handed to him.  He worked his ass off to get where he’s at and I deeply admire that.  I also feel very connected to it since my own life has been very much the same. 

I greatly admire people who have overcome.  I like people who are eccentric and have had unique adventures, but to stay strong and overcome major hurdles in your life shows a charachter that you just can’t learn.  You have to live it.

I’m thinking about all these things as I pull up and he comes out of the house to meet me.  We come in through the back and step into this bright beautiful refinished kitchen.  It’s so warm, you just want to make yourself comfy.  This too shows a side of his personality, as he loves to cook.  He’s not so much a foodie as he is a fan of fresh healthy food and nutrition. 

I quickly presented the prized Christmas ornament and it was a hit!  He didn’t have a tree to put it on, but he loved it, and that was what mattered.

We walk through the house and I see that he has taken a simple, probably even boring home and transformed it.  He’s added a cedar loft bedroom, raised cielings and a wall of windows that frame a perfect photo of the property from the luxury of his bed. 

As I take the tour I notice a huge mirror mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed and I think “yep, he’s a little bit of a freak.”  I like that as I am, shall we say… adventurous.  (wink wink, devious smile)

It’s a house full of hand picked rustic pieces perfectly put together.  Like his personality, it is ecclectic.  One room holds an antique photograph viewer and the next room a modern abstract painting that he adores.  His home is rustic and yet luxurious at the same time.  Although it’s not big, it is filled with rich fabrics and lush textures like the animal hyde rug next to the wood burning stove.  In some ways it’s like a club house with it’s pull out steel ladder leading up to the loft room overhead. 

After the short tour is done I sit at the kitchen table and he puts in front of me the most fresh and divine chicken soup I have ever had.   Wow, it was amazing!  Everything cooked to the perfect texture, the taste lovely, and not too strong or too bland. 

After he sets the bowl down he heads toward the sink and then stops in mid stride and turns around.  He swoops over to the table and bends at the waist to give me a perfectly exquisite kiss.  It was a kiss that makes you stumble over your words and forget what you were saying. 

I took a deep breath and we were off on the next excursion.  I take off my favorite knee high boots… and I have to say, just unzipping them felt so sexy!  That was a bonus I hadn’t expected. 

Sultry boots off, snow boots on and we jump in the car to tool around the property.  There is white shining snow all around and the light from the moon is bouncing off the pond.  We bump and bounce along the road toward the hills and he’s jabbering on about how he found this property and his water rights etc.   I just watch him.  I find myself doing that alot.  I watch with a silly frozen smile on my face. 

We ramble past some outbuildings that look almost like a shed and a maybe a child’s play house.  Once again though, his affinity for  making something ordinary into something superb shows through.  They aren’t just outbuildings but guest houses.  The inside refinished and wired with electrical, he is now working on getting water running to them. 

My mouth had to be hanging open!  I was completely astonished!  Who would even think of that?  It was incredibly creative!   I’m in awe of his ability to so easily take something that others would see as unimportant, something someone else may have just torn down, and make it beautiful.  It’s a quality in him that I am completely enchanted by.

We continue our ride through the property and he tells me all the work he’s done with the ponds, and thinning the trees.  Just grooming this land that was once ordinary until he found it. 

Even ordinary things seem like a grande adventure with him!  This really pulls at my heart strings since I feel that most of our lives are filled with ordinary everyday things, like making dinner and heading off to work.  I am looking for someone that can make those everyday things exciting and fun.

Mr. Cool has that quality about him to some degree.  Every thing feels like an adventure but he’s also not one who laughs easily.  I can be quite sarcastic.  I found myself making little jokes, and then feeling an awkward pause afterward when he didn’t laugh.   He can be very serious.  Later in the night, though, I noticed he warms up and starts to laugh.  I just have to get his motor started, I guess. 

We head back to the house and he makes noises about watching a movie, so we go into the front room and sit very close on his brown supple leather couch.  This piece of furniture has seen some living and it so soft it pulls us together.  This doesn’t last long and  soon I find myself on his lap.  It was a steamy make out for a couple of minutes and then I got up, thanked him for a great date and said I had to be heading home.

He walked me to the car and kissed me again.  I wrapped my arms around him and held him close.  The chemistry really is unbelievable.  I smile, waive goodbye and I’m on my way.

The butterflies are still fluttering in my chest and I am so proud of myself for leaving when I did.  I’ve just always been someone who dives in and lives each experience completely.  I think this is a beautiful thing but I can’t say it’s really been working for me. 

I drive home in the dark, not hearing the radio but instead reliving the last few hours in my head.  I got home and as my head fell on the pillow I thought about how amazing it would feel to have his arms around me as I slept.

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