A Dozen Super Fun Rom Coms; romantic comedies you have to see

I LOVE romantic comedies!  (No big surprise, since what I write is right along those lines)  In my mind, what is better than laughter and love all rolled into one?  And one of  my favorite things is to find an incredible rom com that I didn’t know existed.

So, today I have compiled a list of rom coms I love.  I’ve listed them in no particular order as they all have their beautiful stories and I find it impossible to rate one above the other.  There are so many incredible things I could say about these movies!  I will, however, keep it simple and in the end, boil it down to one line, the “relationship lesson” I take away from the movie.

Have fun and I hope you run out, rent them and cherish the stories………..

1.  My Best Friend’s Girl

Although I have a very hard time ranking one rom com over another, I have to say I think this is by far the funniest one I have ever seen!  I laughed my ass off!  In his raunchy raucous style we see Dane Cook paired up with Kate Hudson in a manipulative romantic scheme gone wrong… or gone right?.  Boil it down–  Love is eternally unpredictable!


2.  Someone Like You

Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear and Hugh Jackman with Marissa Tomei as the loud, opinionated BFF.  This story explores so much about friends and lovers. Boil it down —  Is what you are looking for really what you want?



3.  Definitely Maybe

A fun filled journey as Ryan Reynolds tells his little girl the story of his love life.  Boil it down — When it comes to love, timing is everything.



4.  A Lot Like Love

Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Pete make this story feel so warm and full.  I think the movie shows how two people can be right for each other at one time in their lives, and not at another.  Boil it down — Life doesn’t wait for you to get on your feet. 



5.  Serendipity

John Cusak dives into an adventure with Jeremy Piven as his wingman.  This movies displays so many of those beautiful serendipitous moments where two people come together, and explores whether or not those are signs from the universe that it was meant to be.  Boil it down — If it’s meant to be, it shall be.


6.  Fools Rush In

Home to one of the best movie lines ever…  “You are everything I never knew I always wanted”.   Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek stumble through differences in their cultures and visions for their life, and in the end… of course, love conquers all.  Boil it down —  Sometimes the most beautiful things look nothing like we expected.


7.  When In Rome

Kristen Bell plays a girl who is super unlucky in love.  (and don’t we all feel that way sometimes?)  A great story with a touch of the mystical sends the leading lady on an adventure being followed by a band of unique and different suitors.  Boil it down —  You don’t want just anyone.  You want the one that’s right for you.


8.  Playing By Heart

This is an early Angelina Jolie flick that pairs her up with Ryan Phillipe.  It’s a story that follows four women on a quest to find out what love truly is. Boil it down —  Love is different things to different people.



9.  Along Came Polly

A great and silly story about how opposites attract, and also how a new love interest can change your life perspective.  Jennifer Aniston plays a wonderfully quirky traveler, and is paired up with Ben Stiller, the awkward but solid insurance agent.  Boil it down —  Someone who is very different from you can expand your horizons, if you let them.


10.  No Strings Attached

This one may still be in the theaters but I had to include it because I love the way it confronts the idea of “friends with benefits”.  Can you really spend all that intimate time with a person and not develop feelings for them?  I’m inclined to say no… but here’s a movie that tracks a relationship just like that.  Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.  Boil it down — It’s called intimacy for a reason.


11.  27 Dresses

I love Katherine Heigl.  She does a fantastic job as the “always a bridesmaid” character in this movie.  Boil it down —  If you keep your heart open, you might be surprised what you find!



12.  Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This is a fantastic one for guys.  I know, rom coms are not exactly dude movies, but especially if you are  a guy who’s gone through a skirt chasing phase or two…  Hitch a ride on this one with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.  Boil it down —  Fear can cause you to really F up something good.

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  1. Someone Like You. Great movie. Really fun.
    But unfortunately, not very well known. A shame if you ask me.
    One of the things I really love about it is it’s so common. It’s so…Real. I mean, we try to stress it every single day that women should not give men a second chance with them if they blew it the first time. And the women who do (some of whom go on to have happy and true relaitonships) are deemed by society as stupid and desperate. But that’s not always the case, as this movie shows, and even though he does turn out to be a complete jerk the audience knows that this woman is not stupid. I can speak from personal experience, I just started dating someone again, and our relationship was… Bad. Yeah. But he actually changed and it’s all good right now.
    Love that movie.

    • That’s an amazing fun movie. LOVE it. Then again, how can you not love Ashley Judd?

  2. Another thing I love about that movie is how she deals with her relationship problems. She writes about them. Because that’s what she loves to do.
    Which is something most of us here can relate to.

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