The Double Non-Date

I have a friend who is an Amazing Adventurer. He just goes and goes, devouring life and all it has to offer.

Captain Amazing and I had one date and we didn’t see fireworks, so we decided to continue being friends. However, we talk and text every day. It’s very exciting and we have fantastic chemistry over the phone. That boggles my mind and his too. All I can say is that he is quite an intimidating personality and I was very nervous. It’s not every day that I go out on a date with Captain Amazing, so he may not have felt the reciprocation he was looking for.

We have become the best of friends, “Besties”, and decided that maybe we should give the date thing another try. Once again, though, nailing down a date and time has been difficult. With work and kids, and visitation schedules to contend with, it can be tricky.

This past weekend Captain Amazing had a girl he was seeing fly into town on business. He broke it off with her the first night but agreed to still drive her back to the airport at the end of her trip, so he was busy.

Still, I have resolved to get out there and LIVE. I am not going to wait around. Not this time. So, I decided I was going to head to the city (where he lives) and see a movie I’ve been dying to see. While I invited a bunch of friends, the only one to take me up on this offer was a friend/ ex-boyfriend of mine that I’d broken up with seven months before.

So, I get a wild idea, and text Captain Amazing to ask if he and the girl would like to go. He gets the 411 on my friend/ ex-boyfriend and then says “yes”.

My friend/ ex-boyfriend and I spend the drive into the city talking about how no one does this! No one either of us know has ever done this sort of thing. He is wondering what Captain Amazing’s friend/ ex-girlfriend looks like and I warn him we’ve had seven months to iron things out. They have had like two days.

My friend/ ex-boyfriend makes sure to let me know he doesn’t sit next to dudes at the movies and he’s certainly not thrilled at the thought of sitting next to “the new guy”. I make jokes, but he is very serious. I laugh and tell him not to worry, it won’t be a problem.

Captain Amazing pulls up right behind us at the movies. I’m shining! I’m so excited to see him! My newest bestie! I give him a hug and shake the girl’s hand. Right away, just walking through the parking lot I can tell this babe seems icy. Captain Amazing is jabbering on about the dinner they just came from. It was a business dinner that went very well for her, but she barely chimes in as if we couldn’t possibly understand her business transaction.

As we hit the theaters to get our tickets, she disappears like a fog. Turns out she was had to visit the powder room. I needed to visit the ladies’ too so I head in there, and before I can even flush, she is gone! Weird. Girls usually chat in the restroom, right ladies??

Next we all head in to find our seats and she leads the charge without one question as to where anyone else would like to sit. She ends up in a seat next to mine and in a blink I see that she was switched seats with Captain Amazing. Hey, benefit for me!

My friend/ ex-boyfriend mercifully ends up on the aisle seat next to me. Thank God because just the vibe she’s putting off would make anyone uneasy.

The movie was a borderline raunchy, definitely sexy rom com romp. It was fun but by no means a comedy masterpiece. Looking over at Captain Amazing and the girl I could see he was acting so odd. She was burying her head, and covering her face most of the time. I got the impression she was just too good for this, with her freakin’ perfect hair, and perfect scarf, and perfect boots she bought today. Blah!! I wondered about Captain Amazing Adventurer, he too had his hand over his face for most of the flick. He shot me a look now and then and I remembered that he had quickly said “crazy stuff has been going on lately” in the one second we had semi alone. I replied “what?? I wanna hear!” bubbling with enthusiasm. I love his stories! Bizarro stuff just happens to him for no apparent reason. He’s like a bizarro magnet.

So, I was very curious. After the movie, the girl seemed to have no interest in discussing the movie, going for drinks or anything. So, my friend/ ex-boyfriend and I headed back to Hickville and discussed the situation dubbing her “The Snooty Bitch”.

I can’t fault Captain Amazing for bailing so early, the situation was really uncomfortable and he was stuck with her until her four am flight.

During the ride home the friend/ ex-boyfriend just about convinced me that Captain Amazing and The Snooty Bitch had some unfinished business. He, of course, pointed out that Captain Amazing was sweet with her and sort of pampered her. He also swore Captain Amazing had his head on her shoulder and his hand on her knee.

Now I know that not only does my close friend/ ex-boyfriend still hold a candle for me but he is also pessimistic about people. To the point of being paranoid. He also jumps to conclusions and feels protective of me.

Still, I let him get to me with his remarks and I even shed a few tears and snapped off some snide remarks of my own, wondering if Captain Amazing is some kind of womanizer.

When I finally got home I was ready for a hard drink and sleep. In my bummed state of mind I offered my friend/ ex-boyfriend a drink and told him he could crash at my place as long as he promised NOT to try to have sex with me. He agreed.

We drank a little bit and I texted my bestie. Sure enough, he made me feel better. He said it wasn’t me, that she wanted him to want her. He’s not “some kind of womanizer”, although since we are friends, it shouldn’t matter either way, right?

So, I was feeling better, almost tipsy now. I was even laughing again. Then, as I headed for my kid’s bunk beds, my friend/ ex-boyfriend asked me to come and lay down next to him. No sex stuff, just human contact. I agreed. He rubbed my back and I quickly fell asleep. He honored his word but in the morning asked to come and stay again, same deal, another night before he leaves town.

I replied “I don’t know”. I didn’t want to mislead him. He stated that he is a grown up and can handle it. He’s not getting the wrong idea. Still, I said I would have to think about it. And of course, in his not so adorable control freak way he requested I let him know as soon as possible, indicating he would leave town earlier if not.

Well, the day has dawned and rolls on. Last night I felt like the two guys I was excited about, out of all the men I’ve met, were both with other women and I went home alone (sort of).

Today I am feeling much more confident. My bestie, Captain Amazing, assured me that despite The Snooty Bitch keeping him up all night trying to seduce him, he did not go to bed with her. “She’s not my type” he texted. I don’t know why but I feel better. My confidence has returned to some degree but I may have my one drink again tonight.

What I do know is that the friend/ ex-boyfriend will not be staying over again. I am not going there again… I’ve already learned that lesson.

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