Meet The Professor

Despite his being 21 years older than I am, I thought I’d give The Professor a try.  He had a very sexy picture on his online profile with a smoky smolder in his eyes and after my incredible experience with Mr. Cool, I figured age is just a number. 

So, The Professor has crazy smarts.  He holds degrees in engineering and physics, but he claims to be “not your typical intellectual”.  Not that I know what the typical intellectual is.  I don’t live in that world.  I live in a world of hard working, rough handed blue collar men who like guns and four-wheel drives. 

However, I find eccentric people fascinating and generally non-judgmental. 

He’s very outdoorsy, The Professor, but I suspect a little old school too since he still skis and does not have a cell phone.  I can also see from his photos that he is trim and in great shape.

Although, I’m not a super outdoorsy babe (and for some reason that seems to be what SO many men are looking for) I believe that two people can have a terrific relationship as long as they respect each others passions and both make an effort to accommodate their partner now and then.

So, The Professor and I exchange a couple emails and set up a lunch.  He’s a Physics instructor at the college in the next town.  I was really excited to meet him!  He planned to make the 35 minute drive to my town between classes to meet me.  Bing, bing!  Two points for The Professor and a solid ego boost for me!

Also, what I do know of the dating  culture among college professors (information gleaned from conversations with a girlfriend of mine who is married to a college football coach) it is very common for a professor to sleep with his students. 

I am not a judgmental person and I think that type of experience, the whole teacher-student thing, could be quite interesting. 

I arrive early at the restaurant and see him coming through the door.  Immediately I think “oh, this is NOT going to work.”  Not only does he look about 10 years older than his photos but just from his “hello” I see that he is very feminine in his speech and body language.

Still, I’ve committed to a lunch and I decide at least I’ll get to meet an interesting person, someone very different from myself.  That’s almost always a positive experience.  As we sit and talk I feel like a small yappy dog.  My outgoing nature is amplified by his extremely laid back persona.  I chatter on and several times I notice him bringing me back to the topic at hand in a very calming way, just as I would expect a teacher to do with a student. 

It turns out The Professor and I have near opposite lives.  My life is bursting at the seems with kids, friends, animals, and crazy schedules.  I’m pretty much never alone.  He, on the other hand, sees those things as encumbrances.  He has built his calm, cool, collected life to be mostly solitary, clean and orderly.  He has plenty of time alone in his big custom home on gorgeous property populated by centuries old pine trees.  Not even a single solitary cat to keep him company. 

He does not understand why I’d want to live life like I do, and vice versa.  He enjoys being able to take off and travel at a moments notice and I wonder if he actually does that.  I enjoy my messy full life.

Halfway through lunch we agree that we are NOT a match and have a gentle laugh together.  We continue to chat and I take the opportunity to peak into a life lived another way.

At one point I ask him what his craziest adventure has been (*great date question people!).  He’s not really a wild and crazy guy so I didn’t expect much but what a surprise, he lit up talking about this pole-peddle-paddle race he was in.  It is similar to an iron man race but involves skiing, biking, and kayaking. 

There were so many people that he was smashed in line at the top of a downhill ski run.  He was forced to ski down this treacherous hill in a straight line.  He couldn’t turn or he’d surely either crash into someone or be run down in the snow.  People were crashing violently on every side of him.  He stays in his straight down path which causes him to speed so fast down the mountain that the snow is whipping at him, and stretching back the skin on his face!  “It was terrifying really” he remarked with enthusiasm, as I covered my mouth and laughed.

I was delighted to see him come to life and impressed that he certainly has the ability to tell a good story… “ahhh,” I thought “and his profile said he wasn’t good at small talk.”

The next leg of the race was apparently a comedy of errs.  It was a rush to change over equipment and then onto cross country skiing.  The spring snow was so soft that the entire jumbled crowd could only get a few feet and then fall over.  Each person over and over would fall over, get back up, go a few more feet and then fall over again!  He painted a vivid picture with his story.

The rest of the event proved to be fairly uneventful and despite us not being a match, I found him charming and intriguing.  We exchanged numbers and I promised to invite him to a gathering at my place where maybe, just maybe he’ll find his match.  I’d like nothing more than one of my friends to find The Professor and fall madly in love.  You never know!

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