Make Your Own Memories; 8 Exciting Ideas for Single Girls on Valentines Day

Oh what to do, what to do…  There’s no reason you can’t make your own valentine’s day memory just because you’re single.  Put down that pint of ice cream, and call up some girlfriends. 

Now, don’t complain, you can’t possibly be the only single girl on the planet.  You’ve got to know atleast one other single gal.  Even if you don’t know her well, call her up, get to know her and get to plotting right away. 

Get off the couch, and get out of the house!  Here are some adventurous ideas for a Valentines Day you won’t soon forget!

For all you naughty girls like me…

1.        Find a dance club with a stripper pole and get up there!  Rock the pole!  Doesn’t mean you have to take anything off.  I didn’t say strip club, just a dance club.  It’ll be a fantastic feeling.  First of the feeling of conquering your fear of being embarrassed, then a feeling of empowerment, and so sexy!  Atleast that’s how I felt when I did it.  It helped to have a girlfriend standing upfront watching me.  It bolstered my courage and gave me something to concentrate on so I didn’t  lose my nerve.  It was a fantastic high.. just to know I had done it.  I’ll never forget it.

2.       Get a tattoo or piercing!  Now be smart about this, don’t go pickin’ out any old tattoo.  Tatt’s are supposed to be a window to your soul.  You’ll have a whole lot of adrenaline, a story, and an experience you’ll never forget.   Don’t forget to take pictures.

3.       Get dressed to the nines..  Make up on baby, hair done, best features accentuated & go out to a bar, and buy a man a drink.  Make the first move on the sexiest beast in that bar.  Why not?  What the hell, take the risk.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Maybe he comes over, maybe he doesn’t but you did it!  Have you ever done that before?  Empowering and memorable.  If he does come over you could take it one step further, flirt and dance and crawl all over him until he tries to take you home, then walk away.  It’ll drive him wild!  I guaruntee you’ll get a follow up phone call!

4.       Warm up those vocal cords and rock some karaoke.  It may take a drink or two to get up the courage but it’s a good time.  This can be a rip roaring good time, just make sure to find a bar where the crowd is interactive and enthusiastic on karaoke night, otherwise it’s just lame.

5.       Do something completely & utterly daring and death defying like sky diving, bungee jumping, hot air balloon ride, white water rafting (although it’s probably too cold for that these days) but you get the idea.  Do something off your bucket list.  Something you have always wanted to do.  Invest in the experience!  Because the truth is, when we leave this world all we take with us are our memories. 

For the more tame variety of women…

6.       Pamper yourself.  Pamper like you have never pampered before!   Hit a fantastic spa and do it all..  Everything from massage, to sauna, to aromatherapy baths, manicure, pedicure… ahhh facials..  oooh.   what ever they have to offer!  Soak it all in!  You deserve it. 

7.       See some stand-up comedy!!  Laugh your ass off!!   That’s always a good time.

8.       Do something silly and child-like…  like hitting an arcade, or driving go-carts, even roller skating at a rink.  You could even spice it up a little and down a couple of shots in the parking lot first.  Drunk roller skating!  Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

Keep in mind these things don’t have to be expensive.  A club can be just a cover charge and overpriced soda.  Pocket full of quarters and you’ve got a night of playing pool.  You may not be any good but it’s the fun of playing that matters.  Pampering if definitely devine at a swank salon, but you can pamper like crazy at home.  Home mani & peti, facial, and fantastic romantic comedy, but be VERY careful with this one because it’s dangerously close to having your ass glued to the couch with ice cream in hand.

The point is LIVE YOUR LIFE, who cares if your single!  Get out there and make a memory, after all, what if today was your last day?

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