Cast of Characters

Recurring Characters in Cadence’s World –in no particular order…

The Ambassador of Ambiguity aka:  The Ambassador, King Wishy-Washy

Tall, slim and toned blond 35 years old.  Retail Manager with some college.  Met in May 2011 and spent most of that time in a weird in-between state.  Not “just friends” and yet not exactly together.

He and I have crazy laughter…  laughter all the time.  He’s a good man and I love being with him…  He’s one of my soul mates in this life.  With him I can retain my own identity, while still being a part of his life.

I fell madly in love with him, and didn’t even realize it until we broke up.  He is unquestionably one of the greatest loves of my life.

In some ways The Ambassador is very closed off, which leaves me guarded as well.  He has some deep fears of intimacy and committment.  He craves it, and is terrified by it all at the same time.  He’s also scarred from an abusive childhood (as am I) which affects his behavior within relationships.

He is super wishy-washy, passive-aggressive and unable to commit.  He repeatedly pulls me in, then pushes me away.  Although he appears charismatic and confident, underneath he’s terribly insecure and by his own admission “twisting in his own skin.”  (White personality)

Captain Amazing Adventurer aka:  Capt Amazing, My Bestie

Tall, slim, and toned blond 38 years old.  Visual Designer/ Entrepreneur.  Highly educated, world traveler, multi-lingual.  Met a couple of days before New Years 2011.

We went out a few times but ultimately decided we are much better friends, and not really right for each other as romantic partners.  We have quite different backgrounds.  I also think that our visions of living our best life would be verrry different.

We have very similar personalities, which bonds us tightly together, but in romance I believe we are both looking for a partner to balance our intense energy a little bit.

He has been flip-flopping between Ms.Perfect, a soon to be law student in her early 30s and a 22-year-old Cashier.  (Blue personality)

Mr. X aka:  The Stalkerish Ex-boyfriend

Average height, muscular fit build, salt and pepper hair.  46 years old.  Quality manager, technology field, former bounty hunter.

His personality is intense has been described as “full Throttle” which is an accurate description.  He is a force to be reckoned with.  The last committed relationship I was in that lasted any length of time.

We had a stormy on again, off again thing for a little over a year.  In a relationship, we are like fire and gasoline… but as friends it seems to work.

He’s been one of my closest friends for about the last 3 years or so.   Over the year and a half he has lived in Oregon, Texas, South Carolina and Washington state.

He has made the trek across this great country 4 different times, and we have managed to remain close, speaking on the phone several times a week minimum.  He’s now living in another state and trying to build a business.  (Blue personality)

Update:  Mr. X reverted back to the same behavior which led me to originally nick name him The Stalkerish Ex-boyfriend.  We are no longer speaking.

The Hunky Mechanic  aka: The Mechanic

Average height, reddish-brown hair 43 years old.  Solid and steady, he runs his own shop.  Met him in 2009.  He works alone and lives alone.

We were together for a time after I had broken up with Mr. X.  We jumped right in with me staying at his place, and spending holidays together, still I remained guarded… never leaving anything at his place and schlepping my overnight bag back and forth for every single visit.

We are talking again now in May 2012.  Although he is a really good man and welcomes me in with open arms, I don’t think we’re right for each other.

When involved with him I find myself having to just tag along inside his life.  It also seems to take quite the efforts for us to move beyond menial social conversation.  He’s sort of the flip side to The Ambassador.  (White personality)

The Red Hott Ramblin’ Man aka:  The Ramblin’ Man, The Collector

Tall, muscular athletic build, red hair.  32 years old.  Highly educated world traveler, multi-lingual former US Marine.  Currently working as a Resident Construction Engineer, which requires him to move fairly often.  Met in May 2011.

Charming and charismatic, he kept drawing me back in when I wanted to drift away.  He’s a master multi-dater, and not the most gentle, considerate or respectful man.  Finally stopped seeing him in Sept of 2011.  (Red personality)

Mr. Cool

Tall, thin runners body, italian with dark brown hair.  51 years old.  Successful commercial Real Estate Broker, property manager/owner.  Met in early December 2010.

Enthusiastic, spirited personality, every interaction felt like a great adventure and I was on the fast track to falling in love with him…  but he was seeing another woman off and on for 7 years.

They got back together and got married.  We remain friends but don’t see each other or communicate all that often.  (Yellow personality)

The Young Firefighter aka:  The Fireman

Tall, medium build, olive-skinned as he’s half Puerto Rican, half hungarian.  22 years old.  Despite his being so much younger than me, he’s possibly my greatest love in this life so far.

I loved him like crazy but he’s an alcoholic and constantly running his life off the rails.  He’s been kicked out of numerous apartments and the fire academy, homeless, jobless, arrested, and jailed.

While I found his crazy, out of control life exciting, and I got to swoop in and be the savior… I also realized it wasn’t healthy and finally got to a point where I couldn’t handle it anymore.

He’s now living in a different town and engaged to a girl close to his age.   (Yellow personality)

The Double Ds aka:  The DDs, The Dazzling Divorcees, My Wine Girls

The Sultry School Teacher  aka:  The School Teacher

One of my very best girlfriends, and lives next door to me.  Average height, curvy, gorgeous wavy brown hair and big doe eyes.  38 years old.  Highly educated elementary school teacher and mother of 2.

The Sultry School Teacher just came through the other end of a tough divorce from a high-ranking high paid fire Captain.

She and I have supported each other through many brutal emotional situations.  She’s passionate, smart, sarcastic, funny and my most clear minded, supportive friend.  (Blue personality)

The Sweet Tri-Athlete

At 50 years old, The Sweet Tri-athlete carries a body in better shape than some 20 year olds. She’s trim and toned, with a flat stomach and face that never gives away her age.  Dark brown lush and full wavy hair that lets her smooth brown eyes peek out with all their innocence.

She’s a mother of two, and has been teaching long enough to have some of her first student’s children in her class. She surfs. She runs. She mountain bikes. She kayaks. She swims.

She’s also the least angry person I have ever met. She seems to have literally NO anger toward her exs at all.

The Sweet Tri-athlete went from a marriage that spanned some 30 years right into a relationship with a local cop that ended very suddenly after 2 1/2 years and talk of a wedding.

She worked through that and is currently involved with a man (The Tom Cat) who is approximately 10 years younger than she.  (Blue personality)

The Edgy Cougar

55 years old, average height with huge jugs and sleek dark brown hair.  A law enforcement dispatcher but with a long career behind her.  Her children are grown and have families of their own now.

She’s currently separated from a cop. Her ex is a man nearly 20 years younger than her, who started an affair with his trailer trash high school girlfriend… then lied to her about why he wanted to split up. She found out later.

She’s brash and bold.  She calls a spade a spade.  Her eyes are sad after losing her 15 year marriage to a man she spent nearly every waking moment with.

She’s a friend you can count on, but mostly keeps to herself.  She’s a trained crisis counselor yet finds herself disappointed as the people around her don’t offer the same support.  (Blue personality)

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  1. I like what you’ve done here with the “characters.” I’m so jealous I didn’t think of this. I may steal it. 🙂

    • Thanks. I had a few different readers suggest it to me. Lol.. I can see how people might need it to follow my drama.

      • If my blog story gets more complicated, I may steal this idea. For now, I’m keeping it simple. 🙂

      • Ha.. ya. I’m a gloriously complicated woman.. what can I say? Lol

      • It would probably be sexist to say something like “gloriously complicated woman” is an oxymoron. So I won’t. 😛 I wish I could say I was an uncomplicated man, but…alas, no. Even still, “Gloriously Complicated Woman” would be a cool name for a band (says my friend Dave Barry). And…back to work.

      • Hey– watch it buster! 😛

      • It’s all in jest, from one complicated blogger to another. Please, keep going. 🙂

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